Your mind and your imagination create and foster your reality

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11 months ago

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it, you can choose to follow previously established paths and even create, travel and leave new paths, creating a new precedent and being a source of inspiration for others to leave fear and frustration aside”

Intellectual capacities are given to us by our body through the mind that is given to us from birth, it is also extremely clear that we are born without any data, we are a sponge, as we use and over time we expand everything we know, mainly thanks to what our family and environment are sowing and fostering in us, the first years of life we ​​are led, we are guided but those wings that little by little our representatives built now begin new processes, processes in which these people must little by little let us be autonomous, they are processes of evolution, elevation and questioning, since little by little our mind begins introspection processes together with us, where we decide what beliefs, decisions and guidelines truly combine with our essence of life, we must face this new stage as adults and take responsibility for everything concerning our lives.

It is also necessary to emphasize that life gives us tools capable of promoting and creating the path towards the reality that we want for our lives, it is no secret to anyone that from the beginning I told them about my spirituality, about my beliefs, where I give top priority to my body especially to my mind and to the tools that little by little I am discovering that help me every day to promote the reality that I so desire for my life, one of them is what we think, attract and undoubtedly materialize, what you think, how you feel about yourself will undoubtedly be a great support to create that reality, because the reality that we are currently living, is basically thanks to our beliefs, our opinions, our statements, our actions, and everything we feel, therefore raise awareness , to be analytical people, to be introspective people who take spaces to thoroughly investigate what our mind is unconsciously dedicating more to time, what we think and what we believe without being fully aware of it, are those things that we leave running in the background that can manage to become our reality.

In a normal day we can process and control around 60,000 thoughts, it is public knowledge that just as we have an inactive part at a certain point of the day there is also one that works processing all day, has no rest, called the subconscious, which is what basically it controls and neutralizes our body and its functions even when we are sleeping, now to promote the true reality we must focus on the fact that the conscious and the subconscious both create reality, so we must first focus on starting little by little, since it is evident that changes do not arise overnight but with daily work and effort it can be achieved, avoiding what we can defeatist thoughts, negative thoughts that are basically tinged with the I can't, creating a different reality only depends on you, on your plans and the desire you have to do something different with your life.

To change we must be able to adapt to new innovative tools such as the famous law of attraction, which is basically a conception that tells us that everything we dream, think, idealize we can materialize and turn into our reality, everything in this world. it is energy therefore what we think we attract, equals attract, we just have to be more conscious people and focus our energies, thoughts and actions on what can truly bring us positive aspects, because everything we have in the life of a or another way we have attracted it, we have manifested it, therefore learning to use these tools can only exalt us and make us more powerful when it comes to integrating anything into our lives, some ways are; be grateful, create plans and talk about it, let go of what is occupying an undeserving position in our lives, learn to feel worthy, here and now, give to receive.

Thank you for reading!

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The mind is so powerful, especially when it comes to thinking, I remember when I use to think about my life in the university and now it has come into reality

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