You reap what you sow

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11 months ago

"Evidently every action has a reaction, never forget that you cannot escape the consequences of what you decide to do"

It is logical that we cannot expect apples if we plant tomatoes, an analogy that when equated to real life leads us to deduce that we cannot do harm, evil, spread negativity throughout the world and expect the positive, the best and the best to come to us. good of the world, it is impossible, it is evident that there are people who have a naturalness to impact even more in the lives of people, people who with their style, their actions and their thoughts manage to forge precedents that in turn manage to attract more people who feel identified with these aspects, it is these people who manage to influence others, who should aim to encourage help, be more cautious, because despite being people with the gift of encouraging, in many cases they can do it in a negative, the goal should always be to impart good, help and also contribute to the beliefs of others, instead of getting involved in comfort zones trying to expand and get people to avoid falling and no limitations.

Not only outsiders, famous, famous or renowned people have an effect on the lives of others, also although for many it sounds catastrophic and incredible, we also have the power to impact the lives of others, our actions can sometimes promote changes, many good times and other times when we are obviously careless with extremely negative nuances, each person basically collects what they decided at some point in their life to reap, in theory we should be more modest, we should think before taking some steps because they can be decisive in the way in which that the world can perceive them, especially when they are aspects that even deep down we know are not good. On the other hand, the aforementioned should not say that we should remain paralyzed, on the contrary, it urges us to be more selective and analytical, in order to avoid committing errors and immaturities that may even in the future bring us bitter results, many times on occasions the human being b Search through negative actions to encourage revenge that obviously only leads to the loss of time and energy, in addition to leading us to feel frustration.

What you think you create, the energy you emit you send and obviously it returns, also basically life is a mirror, how you perceive the world is a little bit of what you perceive about yourself, in that same sense as if it were a harvest when sowing, when letting the seeds germinate, they obviously grow and have the capacity to germinate and spread even more than we think can happen, it is also supremely clear that the results will not be harvested the same day they are harvested, the results like any another aspect in life takes its time of creation and evolution, it is a process where it obviously needs our presence, our energy, our care, our work, because it is clear that they are phases that need our constant strength, our constant ingenuity, nothing is magic, behind any good result there will always be people who work hard, people who persist daily, who never stop insisting, you are free to act as you wish, but in the end the person responsible for what happens or stops happening in your life is yourself, but no one has blame or responsibilities when life is yours, if you do not agree with the harvest process that you are living in This moment you have the ability to change it by promoting new plans and strategies that can promote you to your goals.

It is better to go slowly but surely, as if it were the turtles, it is better to take time, take care to analyze and enter into introspection processes, where we question whether our actions and beliefs are truly bringing us closer to our goals, or if on the contrary they are taking us away, they are taking us down forced paths that in the end do not belong to us, the process and the path to success is not easy, many times we only focus on the results but the path behind, the path of sacrifices, of the sad and bitter times that these can cause, we ignore it, we ignore that the key to success will always be implicit in our abilities and in our ability to withstand what life puts us in life, developing our strengths, developing our virtues and above all because one day we sowed the fervent belief in ourselves although many simply ignored our potential and qualities, he mbrar, having clear objectives, feeling empathy for other people's processes can only result in good results, let's remember that good will always attract more good while evil will only give us negativity.

Thank you for reading!

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Life is not a bed of roses, you reap what you sow, it's also like a mirror... great article

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