To be at peace with yourself you must be attentive and learn fthat life gives you

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"The only thing I know is that anyone who wants to can improve their well-being."

We move forward without stopping to assess what is and is happening in our lives, although for all of us, being able to breathe and have our senses at 100% does not mean the same thing, basically because we are different beings, we are beings who think and act very differently from others. rest of the world obviously we have had a different culture, upbringing and education although there are things we have in common it is evident that we all have our own perspective on things, although there are habits that we all share in order to be more present and verify if we are truly valuing, living and thanking millimetrically every second, although people abound in the world and with them styles and diverse thoughts and beliefs, we can even base them on two parts, those who decide to always look for the positive side but there are also the opposite, those who are pessimistic , those who unfortunately live their lives halfway because their negativity does not allow them to enjoy in peace and quiet d what is given to us daily, even if it is minimal.

Unfortunately, the approach that they inject into us only describes seeking progress, never resting, always working and focusing on what will be our life goals, they fade the true essence of life, which is to enjoy it, which is to always try to seek and work towards of what exalts us and makes us happier and to be in complete harmony with our being, in order to achieve this it is essential that we become aware day by day, that day by day we connect with our deepest self through a journey of introspection to analyze if we are truly going in the right direction, if we are going where we can be ourselves at its best, although it is clear that we cannot control everything that happens and occurs in our environment we have the power to manage certain aspects, not let them drift take responsibility for them especially what we have in our mind, that information capable of taking us to evolve or capable of making us go back, when it grows r and taking responsibility for ourselves shows that some aspects that we have acquired are not the best, that is why we must try to uproot them and include others that truly do combine with what we are today.

Another great, supremely limiting belief that has been instilled in us happens and appears especially when we are the target of strong situations and experiences, beyond our control, which we obviously tint with the slogan of negatives, when these mark their passage through our lives we see it almost as the end of the world, given that it is a belief that we have acquired and dyed as supremely bad, harmful or negative, when we take these as negative in particular, an inexhaustible source of thoughts and concessions of the same type are born, of the same nature that expresses to us that we are of bad luck, that we do not deserve positive aspects to happen to us in life, that we do not have enough potential to succeed, many also related to the impostor syndrome that when we do not know how it manifests itself or when we leave the way open for it to take over our thought scheme for a while until we reach the point of saying enough, because we do not Let us pray the words that this expresses, we do not deserve to live an anguished or overwhelming life, on the contrary, we always deserve all the love that we try to give to others.

They also raise us with the thought that life is eternal, that everything can wait, that there is enough time, when the reality is that the day when it is our turn to say goodbye is totally unknown, although it sounds crude, it is the law of life for that we tend to devalue the present, the only safe moment we have, a moment that we must take advantage of to move forward and work on what lights the flame of happiness and peace, the only way to do it is to live grateful for what happened, the past it is there for a reason, because they were experiences that had to happen for us to learn and have our own life guide, fortunately today we can mark the beginning of a new journey, a new path that makes us be present, that makes us aware of everything we are experiencing, intensifies our emotions and pushes us to externalize through words and gestures what we truly feel and not let it deceive ted, because happiness, moments of fulfillment, of peace are built, you work to achieve them, so try to let go of the past and the future that only cause stress and anxiety, start paying attention to what is happening now.

Thank you for reading!

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Great writing, they raise us with the thought that life is eternal everything can wait, that there's enough time. This article just me inspirational to think about life

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