Freedom has its starting point in the mind

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"The chains of slavery only bind the hands: it is the mind that makes the man free or slave"

We are all born with the right and the quality of freedom that basically is the free will that has been granted to us to responsibly choose which paths to take, where to go and what to do with our lives, everything that we have harvested and accumulated up to now. It is the result of all the decisions that we have established throughout our lives, especially since we are of legal age, when we reach a certain stage, our parents or those responsible for our lives release us, so that we begin to open our wings. to the world, but above all to polish our wings and of course our flight, although as we grow, as we gestate and collect experiences, we deduce that freedom goes hand in hand with many aspects, aspects that allow us to have well-being, ease, peace , calm, for many it can even be counterproductive but freedom really lies in the mind, in being in complete balance with our body and our emotions and specifically by uplifting and exalting our conscience.

It is evident that we all have different beliefs, we were all raised under different opinions, aspects that considerably influence what at a certain point of the way we decide to establish as part of our beliefs, a clear example of the above we see rooted and established in the times where slavery was the order of the day, when flesh and blood people like you who are reading this or like me who am writing it were basically abused for the simple fact of being born into classes that were established as low, they were also judged and pointed out by the tone of their skin, by aspects that are obviously not within our control, since our exterior is a complete unknown, our physique is a complete unknown, therefore, although these people were extremely degraded, their soul, their mind and their spirit, they were completely free, these aspects even urged them to freedom, even if only to a certain extent.

The prisons, the limitations, unfortunately, are created by us, although our physical body is compromised, something that will never be compromised will always be our emotions, our feelings, our ability to dream, in short, our mind in general and the aspects that make it up, because it does not matter. where in the world we are, when there are certain limitations in our mind there is no impediment that allows us freedom more than ourselves and our decisions to abolish any aspect that only binds us, another case that goes a lot with this topic, we find it in that today we see many countries that unfortunately their leaders and the models with which they decided to erect the system of their country is a very corrosive one, according to the fact that they are obviously dictatorial systems, where citizens compared to a democratic system they have to repress many aspects of their lives, but we even see that it is not an impediment for those who decide at all It is hard to live in peace and calm rather than deliver the only thing that is basically an individual decision and concern of each one.

There are many characteristics that make up our lives, which are related to freedom, although it is believed that this is nothing more than living together with society without being locked up, freedom encompasses being able to decide to be and have connections at the level of friendship, family and sentimental that they give us, that they always give us peace, tranquility, in short, to have the conviction that they are people who, in addition to giving us support throughout the extension, are people who are manipulative, they are people who instead of subtracting always seek to join us, likewise freedom leads us to choose places where we always feel comfortable, places where our essence can always flourish, where we can transform ourselves and be our best version, especially includes being in jobs where we can grow, where we can transform our life to its maximum expression, finally we can conclude that freedom basically lies and begins with us, especially by understanding that if we are capable of making decisions that obviously do not add up and contribute to us, in addition to avoiding certain aspects, that we avoid everything that could be toxic for what helps us to forge our character and our essence in its maximum expression, because when we are capable of get excited even by the little things and events of life, also to fall in love, to dream, to look for perspectives that strengthen us, even if others criticize our perspective and our lifestyle we know that it is giving us more than what others believe .

Thank you for reading!

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When you have freedom, you are able to express your inner self. Without freedom your scare, timid, and every other thing.. good article

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