Changes, discomforts have a purpose to improve our lives.

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"Don't stay with the hope in history that stops you, that doesn't allow you to move forward, give wings to a new one, that generates new motivations, goals and successes"

All of us, and particularly myself included, have felt uncomfortable in certain circumstances and moments of life, sensations totally out of our control, sensations that lead us to redesign our life plans, lead us to rethink more than one belief that is hosting. in a comfort zone, from which it is impossible for us to escape, they are extremely square zones that make us feel dissatisfied, make us feel frustrated, they are situations that have happened to all of us, nobody is except at some point wanting to change their life and as you know until now, because the routine, the monotony and the habits that unfortunately we would like to be forever in another moment today are not the best options to give us evolution and personal growth, those same decisions become our greatest executioners, they become in our greatest sins, I am going to tell you a very personal story in particular, a story that I have to deal with every day. daily.

The decisions you make will always haunt you for the rest of your life, like the famous poem, you are the owner and captain of your destiny, therefore, learn to make decisions, because there are some that will be for life, in terms of what you decide to dedicate your life to, what you decide to dedicate your time to, I have learned over time that it is better to make our passion our profession than to seek a profession out of interest, interest in the end will only give you bad results, which instead of make you smile, your most hostile character will make you smile, they will bring out your harmful and toxic attitudes, since you will have exercised interest in the criteria and commandments of your heart, because deep down a similar situation overwhelmed my life, only unfortunately not it was my direct decision, it was all because of difficulties along the way, due to monetary difficulties, I had very few options to dedicate my life to, given that what really was my v The location was out of my league, it was ra of my possibilities. skills, that's why I had to choose the path of education, to train as a teacher, as a guide for the future of the world, it is not a negative profession, it was simply not part of my vocation.

I also had to deal with nonconformity for a long time, nonconformity that leads us to be creative and seek to change and improve our lives and surroundings, it is even in these very particular situations that life puts us that we see the strength and greatness that lives in each one of us, a force that leads us to do a lot with the little we have, a lot to try to rethink the difficult situations we go through in life, believe me that nothing is ever lost as long as we have life and health, as long as we have well-being and encouragement to get ahead, encourage us to jump over any pothole or situation that comes our way, as long as we don't lose ourselves, everyone can go, but the most important person, the person who should never leave the boat is you , you should never give up, the process may seem very hard but later on you will adopt and find incredible moments where you can develop as the person you always dreamed of, the o Opportunities are never lost, the path and the things that are for you will end up finding you, they will end up exalting you.

Do not be afraid to lose your place, do not be afraid to get sidetracked, life takes us along new paths and routes so that we learn new lessons, to take and spread new beliefs, with people who need it, because discomfort is necessary to buy new tickets, to get on in new cars, buses or flights, because opportunities are not always in the same place, we must broaden our horizons, we must be able to find opportunity in chaos, the magic that bad times offer us and in general chaos we do not find In another place, for this reason, thanking these situations that made us evolve is extremely important for our process, because happiness is implicit in each place we go, like everything in life, comfort must be balanced, extremes always hurt, although they have instilled in us the precepts of living in constant comfort, in excess, and getting used to it is bad, because life is constant change, c Constant ups and downs that we must be willing to surf as if they were waves.

Thank you for reading!

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I agree with you, I have face reality of life which has made me move forward... leaving my comfort zone coming out has taught me life

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