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1 year ago

Hello everyone, today I want to show you a cartoon style portrait I had made a few days ago of a woman coming out of a portal of an unknown dimension.

I have been watching a lot of digital art videos and I found a technique called grayscale and this is what I wanted to do in this drawing, although I still need to learn because I had done the right arm and in the end I could not recover it from the layer at the time I was coloring it, then I will describe some of the steps to get this result.


I began by making the sketch of a girl as I am experimenting with other styles I wanted to do it in a cartoon style, I was making the most appropriate proportions that were adjusting to the face and once I got the right proportions I continued with the next step.

In this stage I added in all the drawing a layer of gray and then I made another layer adding the darkest zones with the black color, for this I only used two types of brushes, having the darkest zones I used the white for the parts of clarity guiding me of the places that deserve it.

Finally I added the color selecting a tone for each element, creating each layer with its appropriate colors, I had a small inconvenience with the right arm and I tried to do it, but it didn't come out so I decided to eliminate it, what I liked was the hair since I added several tones of colors making different layers for each one of them, at the end of the process I made a background of several tones to make a portal, it made me remember the series of Danny Phanton.

Right now I'm doing a drawing of a witch in digital and this is one of the processes.

  • MediBang Paint

  • Tablet Huoion H430P

I hope you like it, thanks.

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1 year ago