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11 months ago

Hello everyone, if you read the complete post yesterday, I had shown a part of my new digital drawing which is of a Koala, I am still in the process of learning in this world of digital art and as I want to try the different brushes that these programs have.

I wanted to do something different from the portraits, so I was looking for what I could do on the internet and when I saw this little animal I wanted to do it with a different style.


I started making the sketch of the koala with the first brush I found to make the right proportions.

In this part I continued with adding another layer for the coloring using the gray color, I went little by little making the shape of the fur, then I created another one to make the darker areas to then go the working ones.

Almost finishing the drawing I added the eyes and the nose and then I added more details, in the background was what took me the longest to do, I selected a random color and selected a brush and I was trying them, I found one that looked like I was making grasses and I was filling it little by little.

The graphic tablet I used to make this drawing is Huion H430P and the program I used is called Medibang.

My next drawing is going to be a traditional portrait with a technique that I really like.

I hope you like it, thanks.

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11 months ago