Drawing a Portrait

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1 year ago

Hello everyone, yesterday I had made this drawing of a portrait that I did combining several colors and graphite, just using a mechanical pencil in the second option and I made the shadows making stripes in one direction, this style of sketch I really like when I browse social networks look so natural.

For the elaboration of this portrait I came up with several ideas in the process using a mechanical pencil to make the sketch and most of the shadows on the face, and finally it occurred to me to add several colors in the hair.


I started by sketching the face from the front adding each of the necessary elements, making all these strokes with the mechanical pencil.

At this stage I was thinking of making a graphite portrait and so I started with the eyes and in certain areas I was already making lines as if it were the shadow, then I was making the eyebrows and mouth using the mechanical pencil.

Finally I was selecting several colors to make the hair, each one of them has no specific order until completing all the hair.

I hope you like it, thanks.

I am sharing this drawing because I am currently doing it digitally, I have watched several videos to learn this process, it is a little complex because I am still getting used to it with my graphic tablet, but I am doing it little by little, the application I am using on PC is Medibang and this is the progress I am making with the digital art process.

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1 year ago