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1 year ago

Hello everyone, a few days ago I had made this drawing of a dog and during the process it was taking the shape of one of my first pet and I really liked the result I got.

For the realization of this drawing I used a reference that I looked for on the internet of a very charismatic pose of a dog to practice the different poses that this canine can have.


I made the sketch of the silhouette of the dog with a type of brush and then I created another layer for the color of the dog.

As I mentioned in the previous step I added the fur to the dog with two tones, black and white to fill it completely, I made the eyes in another layer using a brown color tone.

Finally I made a background like a mountain with grass around it and a blue sky with a lot of clouds, the theme of the backgrounds I still need to practice because of the shades of colors I use.

  • Photoshop

  • Tablet Huoion H430P

I hope you like it, thanks.

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1 year ago