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1 year ago

Hello everyone, today I want to share with you a portrait that I had done some time ago in cartoon style of a female character, where I combine graphite and color in the hair area applying various shades in each of the locks, this was a character I did to practice a different style of drawing.

In the elaboration of this drawing I used a mechanical pencil, HB pencil, 4B to make the face of the character and in the hair I used the colored pencils, making locks of each color.


I started making the sketch of the character using the mechanical pencil, using the loomis method to guide me of the proportions of the face, making the eyes bigger than normal.

Having the location of each element, I erased the guide lines of the face and then I applied the graphite and created volume in the face with the mechanical pencil, HB and 4B pencils.

Finally I continued with the hair, in which I used 6 colors to make the locks of hair with different colors applying a different method and I really liked the hair.

I hope you like it, thanks.

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1 year ago