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10 months ago

Hello everyone, this time I want to show you a digital drawing I had made of a bird that I made using the same colors of the reference.

I really liked the design of the bird because of the position it was in, it was as if it was screaming and I wanted to elaborate this same scene with the digital drawing.


I started by making the sketch and took a picture of it and then I transferred it to Photoshop and started to add color to it.

I created another layer to add color to the bird with a shade of green and then with another darker tone I added hairs by hairs, I did all this until I completed the bird placing all the possible details using only one brush for the fur and one layer.

Almost finishing the drawing I made the branch applying several shades of brown and finally I made a background with watercolor brush style to make a landscape in the background of the bird.

I hope you like it, thanks.

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10 months ago