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Sha-Gate is definitely needed for SmartBCH, but is it just the unique solution?

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1 week ago

The scenario in which CoinFlex defrauded the Bitcoin Cash side-chain left a big hole in the EVM as many were left without the investments deposited under the responsibility of the exchange, once central wallet of the entire value of Bitcoin Cash deposited to move in SmartBCH.

It was on this path of trust that the Bitcoin Cash community trusted CoinFlex as the semi-decentralized central wallet to put money in and out of the SmartBCH side-chain, and this was also the worst mistake the community made. Of course, no one could imagine that CF could defraud the side-chain by locking in the amount available to SmartBCH use and making an entire community at the exchange's mercy.

But, those who live and invest in the decentralized world know in advance that too much trust in centralized exchanges always ends in disgrace and with CoinFlex it would be no different.

Therefore, SHA-Gate should and still is a project that should be a priority for the side-chain to rekindle the flame that it once showed at the beginning of activities. SmartBCH is a powerful EVM that has largely been able to run smoothly and remains one of the wonders of the crypto space.

In the recent AMA that the Main Dev of SmartBCH presented, he guaranteed that the tests with the decentralized SHA-Gate portal could take place within a month and if it goes well the community will have it available soon to use.

But, it must also be remembered that SHA-Gate alone is not enough for the side-chain to gain notoriety in the crypto space but aggressive marketing is necessary.

The community is so focused on SHA-Gate that without realizing it has neglected too much marketing and this can be dangerous because we already had CoinFlex as the core wallet of SmartBCH and at that time it was seen that the side-chain needed visibility to guarantee more investment and consequently popularity.

Marketing is important!

Without marketing, the side-chain will hardly be able to have more investment even if SHA-Gate is operational, and it will still have the same number of investors it already had at the time of CF as the main side-chain vault.

It is urgent and necessary to come up with a plan for the project to have visibility in the crypto space and thus ensure that the Bitcoin Cash smart chain is recognized, appreciated and guarantees many millionaire investments like other popular EVMs operating in the crypto ecosystem.

I can mention, for example, a project that even with the situation of CoinFlex continues to develop products on the side-chain, BlockNG with more than $1M in TVL, despite the smart chain being in clear trouble this project continues to develop and in constant growth.

The development of BlockNG is amazing because the commitment that the devs have with the investors would make them think about changing EVM but no, they prefer to remain in SmartBCH and they even developed their own bridge that has the sense from Binance Smart chain (BSC) - smartbch; SmartBCH -BSC; or SmartBCH side-chain connecting to Dogechain and vice versa.

The most curious thing about this is that despite SmartBCH having this bridge provided by BlockNG, there are still many people who don't know that they could take out and put In values ​​using the tool!

The same happens with, for example, the Bentoken bridge , which also puts values ​​In and Out of the side-chain for the Binance smart chain, much because the side-chain marketing is practically non-existent.

Another factor that can make SmartBCH succeed is unity within the community . This factor is also very important because a community without union is practically a strong plate for bankruptcy and oblivion.

Without unity the community is lost and at the first external call it disperses, this could be seen in the recent demand for a new EVM that emerged almost a month ago where members flocked there in large numbers.

But is this EVM better or stronger than SmartBCH?

This last question can be answered by anyone who uses the two EVMs, but the truth is that they went there because they saw an opportunity to proceed with investments and continue with exploration in the DeFi world.

Many are "mercenaries" if we can say in the SmartBCH space, that at the first sign they start running when the situation gets worse but what really counts is that the community that truly believes in the side-chain and intends to continue with the evolution of SmartBCH must walk together , suffer and fight for it to succeed and thus ensure an EVM for Bitcoin Cash.

Of course, everyone is free to invest anywhere in the DeFi world and make gains, but there also needs to be a strong community behind the side-chain and only then will it succeed in the EVM space.

Therefore, the "condiments" for the Bitcoin Cash smart chain to thrive are, without a shadow of a doubt, the introduction of Sha-Gate, aggressive marketing in the crypto space promoting the side-chain and also a strong community so that it doesn't disperse along the way on the first confidence test sign.

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Written by   1067
1 week ago
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