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Mine LAW on BlockNG Universe with your DC & wDoge by using the Bolivar Bridge[Tutorial Inside].

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4 months ago

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Bolivar Bridge is a BlockNG product brought in partnership with MistSwapDEX. The platform is one of the main products that allows entry and exit of values ​​from the SmartBCH side-chain, which currently has several directions, including SmartBCH -binance Smart chain; Binance smart chain-SmartBCH; Dogechain - SmartBCH or even SmartBCH -Dogechain.

The BlockNG protocol is a DeFi universe inside the SmartBCH side-chain. It is practically a planet inside the side-chain with several products that allow entrepreneurs to diversify forms of investment from; investment in NFTs (Lawpunks), provision of liquidity on the dedicated exchange, lawSwap; 0r Beam product which allows LAW token mining through the deposit of various tokens and coins such as bcBCH, BCH, LawETP or even LawUSD and a wide variety of business opportunities.

However, today I will explain in detail how the Bolivar Bridge could be used to invest Dogechain tokens (a blockchain that is currently trending) precisely $DC and wDoge tokens, allowing the two blockchains to interact.

It is always important for the user to keep in mind that for a smooth and secure process, the user has to use the same wallet, that is, load the wallet with the same seed phrase in both the SmartBCH ecosystem and the Dogechain network.

First, you need to choose the swap direction and in this case it will be from Dogechain to SmartBCH side-chain as shown in the following image:

In the next step, you need to choose the amount in Dogechain tokens, DC or even wDoge, wanted to transfer from the Dogechain to the SmartBCH side-chain blockchain, in the example, the wallet is connected to the SmartBCH side-chain, it will be necessary to switch to the Dogechain as shown in the image below:

After defining the Dogechain amount to be transferred to SmartBCH, it is necessary to confirm the amount in the wallet and pay the appropriate fees charged by the Network.

Next, comes a very important step in the Bridge process, as the user will be provided in the Dogechain network, after successful payment of the transaction execution fee, a hash that must be copied and entered in a dedicated space for the transfer on the SmartBCH side-chain.

The claim process is simple and fast, as soon as it confirmed the transaction in the wallet, the corresponding amount will be deposited immediately on the SmartBCH address where can also, for security reasons, check the swap in the dedicated Telegram Bot .

Important: for the process to occur, it is necessary to have some amount to pay the fees both on the SmartBCH side-chain or even on the dogechain whenever a user want to carry out bridge transactions.

Notes to take into account

The Bolivar Bridge does not charge swap fees, the only amounts charged refer to blockchain fees where the user must have some BNB that will be used as Gas in the transactions he intends to carry out.

By ticking the "Need Gas" box, the user pays 0.01 BNB as a fee to cross-chain and the Bolivar Bridge team provides 0.01 BCH as a fee to be used in SmartBCH.

The process of using the Bridge is very simple and practical if the user follows all the necessary steps.

For an extended reading of how the bridge works, read the article .

LAW token mining strategies using Dogechain's $DC or even $wDoge tokens

As I mentioned earlier, BlockNG is a universe in the SmartBCH ecosystem that provides many means of investing in the protocol. It is for example possible to use Dogechain's $DC and $wDoge tokens after bridging, to invest in BlockNG to generate LAW tokens.

LawSWAP which is the internal exchange of the BlockNG ecosystem allows dcDC and dcWdoge (which are the equivalent of Dogechain's DC and wDoge but in the BlockNG protocol in SEP-20 format) to be swapped for more than 10 tokens that the platform offers . This possibility allows the investor user to use $DC or WDoge = dcDC/dcWDoge in the BEAM of BlockNG to generate LAW tokens by converting the tokens into accepted currencies for this purpose.

For example, the user can convert these tokens into bcBCH, LAWUSD, LAWETP, or even another token that the exchange supports and with the respective stake generate passive income from LAW tokens. BlockNG has one of the best APRs on the market and with Dogechain at the height of the trend it is always fruitful to use tokens like $DC or wDoge to earn some LAW tokens by making futuristic investments.

LAW token is the asset that governs the entire BlockNG protocol and with great possibilities of one day being one of the main tokens of the DEFI ecosystem and one of the largest in the SmartBCH side-chain!

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Written by   1074
4 months ago
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I am already using Bolivar Bridge, it no doubt is playing very positive role in smartBCH community. BlockNG Community is very strong and active one. I hope Law Token will be the best token in the smart BCH World sooner.

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