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In the spirit of Bitcoin Cash's Independence Day, what the currency means to me

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2 months ago

I believe that Bitcoin Cash currency has several meanings for everyone who supports it and believes in its development and promising future. Each one defines 'what Bitcoin Cash is' in their own way and tries to fit into their form what the currency means to them, however, without straying from the basic definition that supports its fundamentals.

Bitcoin Cash for me it's Us & the ability to become our own bank, where we can send money anywhere without anyone trying to intrude. It's the money the state can't hold, a form of peer-to-peer electronic cash and payments that anyone can be a part of, a new revolution in the world of decentralized economy...the world's first true decentralized digital money that works for everyone.

This is my definition of Bitcoin Cash...

My story with Bitcoin Cash

This journey between me and Bitcoin Cash started in November 2019, when I was still 'lost' and was looking for a place where I could develop my writing skills. At the time it was introduced to me by my good friend Steve who kindly saw the potential of a new platform that was less than a month in operation, but that its design was very good.

I went head-first into the Bitcoin Cash community through the doors of, a blogger platform that pays content creators in Bitcoin Cash's decentralized digital currency. At first, upon my arrival, the platform looked like a 'football field' without spectators, it was so empty, but it was a very inviting place where professional and non-professional creators could exhibit their work and who knows, receive some reward as an incentive by readers.

At the time, every creator depended on tips from users who appreciated the work of certain creators on the platform, there was no fund to reward active authors, but this situation never let me down, on the contrary, it gave me more strength to continue. Today there are more than 69,000 users of the platform, at that time we were only a few hundred, in fact tens later hundreds. To this day I remember the article that the platform administrator published when we reached 500 users, it was a milestone at the time.

Today, that's history, but for me it's a remarkable story because it defines why Bitcoin Cash means so much to me.

Continuing, during these first months I divided my attention between blogging platforms such as Uptrennd, Steem, Publish0x, Commun etc where I also had accounts and published articles, acting however as a 'mercenary' of writing but this trend passed by when I decided to only be on the platform and use it as my writing haven. I ditched Uptrennd, Steem (I didn't use it that much), Publish0x (I came to the conclusion that the effort wasn't worth it despite maintaining a significant followers there, with more than thousand) and turned my full attention to

The discovery that practically changed my life

Along the way I was still new to the blog world and I was determined to succeed in this world, wasting nights and days just looking for topics which I could develop an article. I wrote everything, but I always preferred to talk about the world of cryptocurrencies, which I then focused on Bitcoin Cash.

But why Bitcoin Cash?

During this period when I started to develop writing in the crypto world, I practically received rewards in ERC-20 tokens, which at the time was good, but with the development of new technologies such as DeFi (decentralized finances) on the Ethereum network, fees, which are the ideal fuel for the world to adopt cryptocurrencies, began to reach levels that were too dangerous for the pockets. They were completely prohibitive and I had to find something that would work for a young man like me, who lives in Africa in a country where salaries are around $53 minimum, I'm sure those fees were literally killing me.

At that time I was already in the world of Bitcoin Cash and, so seeing that the currency works for what I want, I decided to pay more attention to the platform and the currency in particular, and this completely changed my life on Bitcoin Cash world.

What Bitcoin Cash Means To Me

I live in a country dominated by the government's 'absolutist' policy, they controlled practically everything and despite saying that we live in a democratic society of democracy there is nothing. The salaries of civil servants and industrial workers, those that still exist, are a misery. Young people mostly find themselves highly unemployed and many live in the informal market to survive.

There is a disproportionately large level of wealth, the wealthy are practically those who are in government, despite producing nothing, living off taxes paid by citizens and using them to make a fortune. Not only that, there is a level of chronic corruption in all public administration sectors and this further increases the level of unemployment, because most are old employees and when they retire they leave members of their own families in their place or charge large sums for the candidates for vacancies. is in this scenario that I live and discovering Bitcoin Cash has changed my view of the world.

While governments around the world walk in this 'collection' of wealth using the sweat of their own citizens, in the Bitcoin Cash world this reality is altered. In the Bitcoin Cash community everyone has the possibility to gain their own financial independence, create their own bank and enjoy the decentralized world like never before. Bitcoin Cash is not just a currency, it's more than that, it's a community, a family, a society in which everyone involved in it has only one purpose, which is the guarantee of a better money for the world.

Bitcoin Cash is Freedom, the guarantee that everyone has the right to choose to use what really works for them. The currency that everyone can participate without having to fear reprisals or even without having to declare how much the person has, the person has the right to privacy and Bitcoin Cash guarantees that. Using Bitcoin Cash a lot can be done and many families can have jobs (from companies that are financed using the currency), people can be fed (there are organizations in this regard and they have funding from Bitcoin Cash supporters) and much more.

Bitcoin Cash means all the good that the centralized world cannot give me and with it I can provide food, jobs and most importantly ensure that everyone who uses the currency in my locality never again has to suffer at the hands of the state , after all, they will be their own banks and will manage their savings on their own.

One last thought

I believe that a lot of people are still starting to walk the Bitcoin Cash path and I support that, I want whoever is starting this path not to give up and continue accumulating Bitcoin Cash for the present and for the future. The adoption of the currency will only be effective when the world realizes that it works and we are responsible for this to happen.

Everyone who is part of the Bitcoin Cash community can very well present the coin to a family member, friend and gradually start to become interested in the coin. Initially it will be difficult but time is a good teacher.

Almost a day away from the celebration of Bitcoin Cash's independence, August 1st was the beginning of a new era in the peer-to-peer payments system in the world, where Bitcoin Cash continued to spread the ideas of its creator Satoshi Nakamoto where low fees, speedy network payment confirmations and blockchain security held firm.

Bitcoin Cash works in real life, holders can pay for goods and services, make short, medium or long term investments, book hotels, buy mobile recharges etc.

And for you, what does Bitcoin Cash means?!


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Written by   819
2 months ago
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