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Going to A second year Blogging about Bitcoin Cash

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2 months ago

In my years as a digital content creator I watched and saw a lot online as well as learned how exhausting writing is but it never lets me give up. It's funny that when I started writing on platforms like the defunct Uptrennd and Publish0x I was writing about crypto related issues but I focused my attention on world news about the area but not specifically on Bitcoin Cash, everything changed when I was introduced to crypto!

Like I said in the last paragraph, I was already in other PlaTforms writing about a lot of stuff, but oddly enough, I was never comfortable with them. I can't say why this was happening, but I do know one thing: my life was never the same when I started writing about Bitcoin Cash here on


It's like something changed when I started writing about Bitcoin Cash, and I couldn't be in the best place to do it except on the Bitcoin Cash dedicated platform the Why has always been a very easy-to-use platform, with a highly intuitive interface and very easy-to-manage tools like the editor. In the beginning it wasn't easy to write on the platform as it didn't offer direct incentive other than points system and the other [tips from subscribers and followers] that showed their support and continued to give some tips to encourage the author.

Due to this many content creators left from the platform betting on other crypto dedicated blogging platforms"

The good thing about is that it is a platform made up of Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts and even if they write about other subjects everyone in here truly believe in the decentralized digital money that Bitcoin Cash represents in the world.

It has never been easy to write and it never will be, as it requires patience, research and diligence every day to prevent followers and subscribers from getting bored with the same subject, but thank God I have had some success which my admirers that continues to support and this is very important to follow up with my best as a content creator.

Bitcoin Cash has opened many doors for me and many on the community, both financially and morally supporting the most crucial and necessary moments for me to remain firm in the mission of spreading the word about Bitcoin Cash.

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic on our heels, I never failed to show the world how important it is to have Bitcoin Cash in portfolio and ensure that everyone can have it with them too. The times ahead will be of great responsibility and anyone who has not insured Bitcoin Cash will certainly not have gained an advantage over the real world.

Bitcoin Cash offer freedom to the ones holding the currency as it can be used worldwide and without borders also ensure that the user can become their own bank and use their money for what they need the most. Its use is almost free and instant and don't charge to maintain in wallet like custodians banks do, Satoshi Nakamoto thought the best for the people and wanted to keep that clear, if someone owns Bitcoin Cash definitely owns his money and that's the way should be.

'Does why I love so much Bitcoin Cash as having it I control my money and money'.

Bitcoin Cash really works for the people and also ensures that everyone who owns it can have a better life in the world not just depending on their countries- this can be often seen on the where people for all over the world are actively sharing their life stories or writing very engaging content to be able to earn some money worth in Bitcoin Cash.

Even attacked never gave Up and continue to build

I'm in my way to the second year writing exclusively for and only, or mostly, about Bitcoin Cash I had a lot to assimilate. And believe my friends my passion for Bitcoin Cash has led me to be attacked many times [mostly on Reddit by trolls and BCH haters] and called many kinds of names, but i never gave up neither I don't lose hope or give up ever.

It was on this path that I created the first Bitcoin Cash House-Mozambique, which unfortunately still on hold today because of the effects of the pandemic disease hoping to restart the project at the beginning of the year 2021, as advances for a better environment are foreseen on the horizon as pandemic and restrictive measures are decreasing.

A piece of advice for those starting out in the world of writing, never give up and persist whenever possible and write only what makes your soul happy. Many will try to talk you out of giving up but the key is never to listen to people and stay focused on what you want to achieve.

One other thing, never start thinking about the financial return you are writing for, win your niche and the rest will follow. Be firm and strong!

To Conclude,

Bitcoin Cash is the true peer-to-peer electronic cash payment currency for humanity and allows many people to live their dreams directly and without having to think too much, after all the Bitcoin Cash community is the best in the world and most generous of the entire Crypto universe.

To be totally free and participate actively in the development of the world,means of payment that suits better the needs of the people are needed!

Bitcoin Cash is that means of payment and store of value the world needs, a better currency that englobes better financial freedom for people in a complete decentralized manner.

Satoshi Nakamoto knew that and built a system that effectively work for the people and makes them their own masters and control their money. Don't get illusion that keeping money in custody managed by banks is better, wrong, their are the ones who are the owners of that money and anytime can block and shutdown their systems restricting the customers to access their accounts! That doesn't happen when you have a Bitcoin Cash non custodial Wallet account where the user manage and control direct their 'hard earned money'.

Use Bitcoin Cash and build a better for you, your family and make the world a better place to be.



All that is written in the above article are my personal convictions and at no point should anyone follow them unless they also believe what is written.

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Written by   872
2 months ago
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Bitcoin cash is the best platform ever

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2 months ago

BCH will never stop growing

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2 months ago

Read cash is indeed a beautiful platform. 💕

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2 months ago

Hello, my friend.

I share a lot your approach about how valuable this platform is for the expression of ideas. Yes, the Bitcoin Cash community that participates here, in addition to diverse, clearly exposes very interesting and illustrative topics like yours.

Like you, I used to write for more than two years in other cryptographic social networks, but now I write sporadically in these because I spend more time on, and

Likewise, I see a lot of potential in BCH to provide a way for many to savor the economic freedom that the system denies them.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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2 months ago

My pleasure to share it with you, and thanks for passing by 🙏

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2 months ago

Like you I also worked on other platforms like uptrend and Publish0x, but the pleasure I find here, can't be put into words. I am glad to know that inspite of so many attacks by BCH haters you are still consistent to write more and more about Bitcoincash.

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2 months ago

That's the spirit, never be intimidated by trolls keep on doing your job and the future will answer you positively

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2 months ago