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Bounty Of $1000 worth in Bitcoin Cash To Update the database Of TRBC

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1 month ago

The TRBC [The real Bitcoin club] project is focused on promoting Bitcoin since mid-2013 and the development of COIN MAP from 2017 onwards, it is an Open source project that also offers education to merchants who are involved or who want to get involved up with Bitcoin.

However, the TRBC team not only offers education in Bitcoin but also in other currencies as they believe that freedom starts with freedom of choice so it encompasses Bitcoin Core (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) and DASH on their maps can clearly seen all locations where these currencies are accepted.

The team behind the project believes that an education for the local merchant [who will accept the currencies for their products] is crucial for the long-term expansion and adoption of the Bitcoin network. This teaching to merchants is free and bets on a system that will guarantee the increase of knowledge on the part of this layer in the products that the project offers.

Other services offered by TRBC

  • Peer-to-peer Experts software

The Real Bitcoin Club team has been building scalable products on mobile platforms with a focus on P2P Open source protocols for a long time for the community where they can be found in the Play Store.

  • Cryptocurrency research and writing

The team also conducts research on cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, to find out what impact it has on people and their environment, and publish it on their networks in Open source, making the community realize what their conclusions were on the matter.

Products created by TRBC

The BMAP which is a combination of Bitcoinmap.Cash and is a 'world map' where you can see places where cryptocurrencies can be used in exchange for products and services offered by merchants. BMAP is a registered trademark of The Real Bitcoin Club and was rebranded in 2020 and that in the engagement, adoption and promotion of the same, it is willing to work with those who show interest in spreading and promote their products, and as such, the team is willing to reward for the efforts.

For such contact: and also find more products here

Referring to the $1000 Bounty worth in Bitcoin Cash

As noted above, the Real Bitcoin Club team is working hard to promote Bitcoin, and since 2017 has been making even more efforts towards the discovery and adoption of Bitcoin Cash as it believes the world needs a cash currency with low transaction fees and fast confirmations that benefit the world.

For this, the team has been conducting upgrades in its project, and for that it is hiring someone to upgrade its BMAP- Database since not everything can be done by the team that has been conducting the project and as such, the contractor will have the following:

  • work for the effort to deliver the most decentralized and up to date tourist map for Bitcoin

  • Read emails, verify places, AND categorize them,

  • Update the database on all of our websites and apps, which is Open Source Decentralized Github repo that has a database hosted in simple text files.

The work can be done in a period of one to three months and for the lucky one you will be rewarded with $100 worth in Bitcoin Cash.

Wanted profile

The Real Bitcoin Club team is looking for someone who really sees the benefit in delivering the product to the BCH community, passionate and able to do the job with the necessary skill, should be able to follow simple instructions and should not worry as the team will provide access to all who participate in the Bounty with capable techniques and tools necessary to update their Database.

Whoever completes the work will only have to submit a 'Pull request on GitHub' from TRBC and the team will verify the total number of places so they can surely know that all the data has been successful added.

Contacts to apply for the Job

@felizbitcoin on Telegram or email on encrypted protonmail


The TRBC team has been tirelessly working towards the adoption of Bitcoin Cash since 2017 and to do so has created products that facilitate this same adoption and promotion of the currency. The project has been focusing on onboard volunteers and believes that even with small resources invested, persistent results could be obtained over time.

They promote merchant adoption and education as well as P2P wallet adoption doing everything in their power to get more people included in the Bitcoin Cash economy around the world as they believe Bitcoin Cash is the currency that works for the people and as such, everything must be done so that more people are included in this process.







This is an article sponsored by the Real Bitcoin Club [TRBC] and for more info about it, I advise you to contact the channels found on the article, have fun with the bounty!

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Written by   868
1 month ago
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Man, next time, communicate more! I had no idea that you would publish this without review and then claim it it being "sponsored" as this is a voluntary donation I am giving you and there is no sponsorship in classic sense.

I wouldnt want to pay you the bounty but I do so because I promised...

I dont like the article because it focuses on TRBC while the focus should be on the product BMAP, the intention is to find someone who wants to update the database, this is not about promotion

Anyway lesson learned, I should have expected the worst and should have prepared, I take responsibility so I pay the bounty of $50 that was promised for this article.

Man I couldnt even boost this article nor could I donate right away to boost it with that tip, I just discovered it by coincidence!

You yourself hunted a bounty, this is not a sponsorship!

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Whaoo.. You did this much, you must be a really nice person

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Thanks for sharing your opinion, I am just a neutral peace loving human with a strong connection to the heart 😁 some people love that and others hate it 😂

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😇well.. I love that.. I wonder who would hate it

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I wish I could nail this deal. I need to accumulate more BCH coins on my decentralized wallet application from for the long term.

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Good efforts dear

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Hello how we can earning from I didn't understand on platform?

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