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The Bitcoin Cash community is growing to a strong and we'll organized one,with plenty of people fighting daily to make it bigger and well known on the crypto space, there are builders, visionaries, development guys, merchants onboard experts, traders all of them with just one thing in mind: make Bitcoin Cash greater.

I believe that Bitcoin Cash have a way positive to go and somehow in the future could also outperform Bitcoin in the long run, it have condiments to make that happen. Bitcoin have become a very heavy asset to handle in small transactions, it's something that couldn't not be taken for example to send a $5 using it, to execute that the users will spend more in fees compared to what the other part will receive, turning the whole operation a big waste of money.

One of the objective of this Bitcoin Influencers is to make people see those advantages to use and Hodl Bitcoin Cash, some of them were even Bitcoin Maximalists but because the original plan by Satoshi Nakamoto was to make it a way of easy transfer and spend money in a better, cheap and very fast form,they embraced and become really Bitcoin Cash ambassadors, who helps the coin Brand to get supporters and adopters all over the world.

There are plenty twitter influencers that could even take the whole day to write up their names and works here, but I will mention few of them which the majority people knows and they are:

Talking about Marc De Mesel is quite easy, why is easy? Because is a normal guy who like many believes that sharing is the best way to bring something to the masses, the Bitcoin Cash Community knows very well this influencer who funded many projects that have a really impact in the Bitcoin Cash development. Marc have shown why he believes that Bitcoin Cash have future, a bright one ahead, despite funded plenty projects he also brought many writers and readers to, his donation to the fund make the platform to become one of the most used in the Bitcoin Cash space, and his ambition is just to see more people get onboarded and share wealthy using the platform.

Check below some tweets images on his account:

One of his latest tweets

Marc is also making threads prol the use of Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin more to avoid the big fees on the network and have a wonderful executed transaction on Bitcoin Cash Blockchain.

Why using Bitcoin?

The platform also gets some mentions on his twitter and the most recent was the one referring the amount shared between the website just to make part of it as writer, simple amazing!

mention to the platform

Words won't be enough to express all the gratitude all Bitcoin Cash community have on this influencer, and surely he deserves all of that without doubt, a great warrior to the Bitcoin Cash cause!

  • Roger Ver- Founder and CEO of the website, Bitcoin wallet, Bitcoin Exchange, news Bitcoin,,, Kraken and much more business attached to his name. Ver also have a account @RogerVer

Roger Ver accordingly to his twitter page is living on Antigua and is there where he's onboarding more merchants to start accepting Bitcoin Cash on their business. On November 28, 2020 he published a thread where he informed that more than 40 merchants are now accepting Bitcoin Cash on the island which where confirmed by a website Antigua news room. Ver is a huge ambassador for the Bitcoin Cash cause and all his efforts are on the acceptance of Bitcoin Cash as peer-to-peer electronic cash payment.

On Nov. 28, 2020 Ver informed that more than 40 business in Antigua were accepting Bitcoin Cash

Above image we could see Roger and his companions celebrating one more achievement linked to the Bitcoin Cash adoption in Antigua.

One more business accepting Bitcoin Cash onboarded and with Ver leading the way up

The image above is shown on the Antigua news room and confirms that efforts from Ver are producing fruits on the island, which is becoming a Bitcoin Cash Hub with 40 merchants accepting the asset. The Bitcoin Cash map from website shows that in the island can be found 45 business that accept Bitcoin cash with is an additional of 5 more stores to the number.

Definitely one pilar of the Bitcoin Cash community...

Hayden Otto have been doing a marvelous work spreading the word and onboarding business to join the Bitcoin Cash network, with that increasing the adoption in his location, Otto recently posted a video on his twitter account of him buying a Bike in one of merchants who got onboarded. The video shows how easy is to pay with the wallet and in fractions of seconds the merchant received the $1,300 payment.

a screenshot of his thread on Twitter after he bought the bike paying with Bitcoin Cash

Otto also shared another great integration and adoption of Bitcoin Cash in his City, in the video who could seen in his Twitter page a small vehicle is all covered in Bitcoin Cash design, which will be travelling all over the city making aware who spot the car. To continue is work to spread and onboard more business to adopt more and more Bitcoin Cash, Hayden Otto started a flipstarter campaign that will help his company to spread and onboard more business in his location.

The video released on Nov. 30, of .33 seconds could be watched in his thread on Twitter

One more big Bitcoin Cash builder!

George Donnelly is located in Medellin, Colombia and definitely is one of the Bitcoin Cash builders that wanna take the community to high levels, his main goal is to onboard more than 1 billion new users to adopt Bitcoin Cash, the immediate goal is to ensure 1 million will be onboarded in the next twelve months. I like the ambition and efforts made by George, he is a pilar in the community.

George audacity isn't in vain, he is building a community of new users of Bitcoin Cash assets not just in Latin America but also in Africa, Asia, Specially in countries that aren't favorable to crypto and low income housing. It's a great concept transmitted by him, starting onboarding users in countries like Nigeria in Africa and India in Asia could be a good catalyst to embrace more adopters. This two nations have fervorous crypto adopters and with proper guidance can increase the numbers of Bitcoin Cash users worldwide, Nigeria is one f the most populous countries in the Africa continent with a good educated people ready to use Bitcoin Cash. India is a well know country with people interested in digital assets and can be a good environment to use Bitcoin Cash.

George Donnelly on Twitter

George is also focused in building more front in Venezuela, which is a good Hub for Bitcoin Cash in Latin America, plenty Venezuelans are adopting Bitcoin Cash and building successful business that accept Bitcoin Cash, with influencers such @SofiaCBCH and many others in the country fighting to onboard more users.

The road taken by George is for a person who believes in the future of Bitcoin Cash, a way of a true warrior fighting for a cause.

I hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading and have a wonderful Friday 🍻

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