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BCH's success is summed up in the nr. of users: 312,000 on and 82,000 on

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4 months ago

As much as there are entities, people, influencers who want to sink or denigrate the name of Bitcoin Cash and put it in the mud, the number of users in the Bitcoin Cash community is growing.

This can be clearly seen in the number that the two main Bitcoin Cash, and are raising: with a number exceeding 312,000 users and with a number also exceeding 82,000 users who, daily earn at least few dollars worth in Bitcoin Cash for their original content.

Notable milestone for, roaring 112,000 and rising

When started its activities, a year ago, I for my part, never expected that it would be such an efficient platform to attract users to the Bitcoin Cash community and with that, distribute the Bitcoin Cash economy around the world.

The contribution to this cause of to be so efficient has the great hand of the 'patron' of just social causes in the community, Marc De Mesel, whom I send a big hug to his family and wish good start of the year the same goes to Simon who is the head behind and

With only one year on the market, the platform has people from all over the world and has already helped many people who, under normal conditions, would have had a hard time, especially in times of crisis like the one we are experiencing in the world, the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of people are able to use their content to communicate, engage with the world and earn some money worth in Bitcoin Cash. Obviously, the platform justifies the growing growth of the Bitcoin Cash community.

People arrive at the platform without any knowledge of the cryptocurrency and gradually gain knowledge of the currency and it is by learning that they are also raising Bitcoin Cash. To this day, it's the platform that has done the most, in my opinion, a lot for Bitcoin Cash, assuming that each account that is on can also be a new Bitcoin Cash wallet, so we have 300 thousand wallets that daily move Bitcoin Cash spreading the BCH economy around the world.

That's a landmark! Of course, many people try to boycott Bitcoin Cash and want it to be left in the shadows, but unfortunately these people prefer to believe and give more credit to projects born today than to bet on a decentralized currency that actually works in the world to make peer-to-peer payments at the same time, buy essential things for the human experience.

A platform that paved the way for bloggers and that pays using Bitcoin Cash: was born before and just turned two years old! It is also a project funded largely by Marc de Mesel and has paved the way for many bloggers, visual and written content creators to publish and share their work online. This has allowed many to raise Bitcoin Cash and be able to develop and diversify their portfolio.

Many of them started writing at the time of the points system and became fascinated by the Bitcoin Cash community and ended up becoming currency evangelists since then!

The platform has more than 82,000 users who use their account as a Bitcoin Cash wallet, as the platform is already built-in with a native BCH wallet created in the browser as soon as the user creates an account! When using another browser, you must use a new wallet or import the seed phrase from the previous wallet, simply by registering it on a separate piece of paper.

Simon created an excellent platform and with Marc's support financially it brought together several writers, amateurs, content creators as well as lovers of good reading from all over the world, as it was conceived to support everyone who wants to be part of it regardless of country or same race.

Bitcoin Cash is more alive today than it was two years ago

The development of Bitcoin Cash currency is today much stronger and well spread all over the world, with physical and virtual projects supporting the cause.

A lot has been built on top of Bitcoin Cash like SLP tokens, NFTs, beefed up security, Cashfusion and more. One of the most recent advances and less than 6 months on the market is SmartBCH.

The SmartBCH side-chain is what will definitely leverage Bitcoin Cash to never-before-seen heights because it deals with Smart contracts, where the DeFi bet as we have already seen happen with ETH and BSC will catapult the main currency of Bitcoin Cash.

With smartBCH, things change completely and the future of the currency will be growing, for those who still doubt, start following the parallel market where you will see that there is a lot of development in the side-chain with tokens, Dapps, NFTs and much more to be created .

While and continue to do a great job of spreading the word about Bitcoin Cash, with nearly 400,000 people on both platforms, smartBCH introduces the world to a new DeFi protocol where everyone can participate and have access as usage fees are low and extremely fast on confirmation.

In mean time,

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Written by   1028
4 months ago
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