(3) months of SmartBCH, what have been accomplished so far.

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Since its introduction in July 2021, the Bitcoin Cash Smart chain, dubbed SmartBCH has been under evolution and has attracted several developers to bet their projects using the side-chain, largely because of the conditions it offers: speed, fees favorable which leads to more people joining the Bitcoin Cash Smart chain and also the great faith that many people have in the promising future of the Bitcoin Cash Smart blockchain.

The same faith is summed up in the amount of Bitcoin Cash invested in SmartBCH, which despite not having changed much in the last two months, it should be noted that more than 49,350 BCH were invested in the various projects that are being developed on side-chain.

Projects developed at SmartBCH

There are numerous projects being developed on the network that influence its traffic, including the DEX exchanges platforms that catapult the rapid growth of the sidechain, including BenSwap, the MistSwapDex platform, Muesliswap as well as some that are still under development that they will soon be part of the catalog for SmartBCH users.

BenSwap was a pioneer in the SmartBCH side-chain market offering a credible platform for users to do business on it where can observe the exchange between multiple dex currencies, trading, stake and even projects seeking IBO financing can also conduct their campaigns on the platform. It has its own governance currency, the Green BEN or simply $EBEN.

Not much different from Benswap is the MistSwapDex platform which was brought out by a recognized figure in the Bitcoin Cash world, and which promises to revolutionize the world of DEX platforms and without exaggerating he has proven he could. It was recently announced that in addition to trade, swap, stake, LP providers, the Mist platform will also offer Lending services, the same offered by the Compound Finance platform on Ethereum.

Remember that MistSwapDex is a platform that is a fork of SushiSwap, which has several similarities with Uniswap where it was original forked from, and can offer the various services that the original fork has, and Lending is just the beginning. Furthermore MistSwap is more focused on development betting on hiring more devs that will help the platform to have a prominent place in SmartBCH and possibly become the best DEX in the Smart Bitcoin Cash chain.

Last but not least, we have Muesliswap which started operations shortly after MistSwapDex and as BenSwap entered the market making a presale of its governance currency, MILK, which according to the developers will help the platform to offer more platform development.

The development of SmartBCH in numbers

The trading platform are not the only creations on SmartBCH because in addition to them we have several tokens created and issued on the side-chain, some more popular, others more credible than others and counting in numbers we can see that more than 36 currencies have already been created as well as their respective communities.

In addition to tokens, the network also has its own pricing index and currency valuation in SmartBCH, carried out by the developer, Webeli, the platform is called MarketCap.Cash where all currencies found in the side-chain can be viewed as well as its liquidity, price and development.

Number of DeX Exchanges, Top Coins, MarketCap, NFT projects and more on SmartBCH

Total number of Decentralized Exchanges on SmartBCH- (3)

Benswap- https://benswap.cash

Muesliswap- https://BCH.muesliswap.cash

MistSwapdex- https://app.mistswap.fi

Total Value Locked on SmartBCH -$22,850,456




Total Bitcoin Cash burned on smartBCH- (58,9) BCH

Total Bitcoin Cash locked on SmartBCH- 49373 BCH

Top Coins on smartBCH:

  • $EBEN-$1.62



  • $CATS -$0.0084



  • $LAW- $0.275



Update all the info as prives are constantly moving. https://MarketCap.cash

Number of tokens on smartBCH side-chain (37)

SmartBCH explorer


Popular NFTs on smartBCH

Law Punks- https://blockng.cash

  • Initial minting price- 0,01 BCH

    Latest biggest sale 35 BCH FOR Cizi punk

Puffers Poolside- https://puffers.cash

  • Initial mint price 0.0035 BCH

CASHCATS NFTs -Oasis.cash

  • Initial minting price-0.05 BCH , sold first 5000 CashCats NFTs using the Cats4cats tool for 10,000 CATs each.

First NFT exchange on smartBCH side-chain


Dapps on SmartBCH

BCHPAD platform launched an innovative service where it will be possible to lock liquidity in DEX platforms and this will increase investor confidence, as one of the problems of the decentralized world is Rug Pull often leaving people with significant losses when 'scammers' decide to run away with someone else's money.

Another very attractive product created in the side-chain is the checkbook Dapp that allows projects to conduct airdrops receiving coins from various community contributors and willing investors and thus spread it out to more people to be included in SmartBCH.

Now, in terms of developing SmartBCH side-chain it has already burned a good number of Bitcoin Cash (58,9) and with more slowly that number will quickly rise. The investment in it was more than 49,350 Bitcoin Cash and with a great possibility of entering more BCH in the side-chain, and the SHA-GATE that will make the intelligent Bitcoin Cash network fully decentralized has not yet been introduced.


There is still a long way to go for SmartBCH, which will make it a large intelligent network capable of competing with famous rivals in the decentralized world of finance. It is still not known by mostly investors who bet a lot on the DEX world, but with time it will gain worldwide visibility attracting a large percentage of investors and developers who will certainly create more projects at SmartBCH side-chain.

SmartBCH is accessible to everyone and as such will attract most small, medium and large investors to explore more about it.

SmartBCH's ability to make any fork that is on the Ethereum blockchain network will lead to the creation of projects that are hot on the market, and as an example, we see the NFT market as a great potential to attract more people to SmartBCH, because we can see from LAW Punks that after a few days of being sold they all started to catapult and today a punk of them can be sold up to 40 BCH, a price attributed to the big sale made so far at SmartBCH NFT market.

So there is still a lot to look forward to from SmartBCH and as time goes by more projects will be introduced and this will take the side-chain to a very different level.


DISCLAIMER: unfortunately in the world of finances also the risk in losing money is quite Big and all investors for their safety should conduct exhausted research before putting money in any product to avoid losing cash. There was a recent rug pull from a new DEX [beachswap] on SmartBCH that made prejudice to investors in more than million dollars worth of assets, this is the first DEX to run away with huge assets from investors so I recommend to join only the whitelisted projects,

Always DYOR.

Enjoy the SmartBCH with caution and let's keep spreading the word about Bitcoin Cash.

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Hi, my friend Excellent article that summarizes the advances that SmartBCH has so far. Greetings.

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