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1 BCH equals 1 BCH: find here (5) reasons why Everyone should use Bitcoin Cash!

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In this day when the world celebrates the day of Bitcoin Pizza, commemorative date to remember when the currency was first used to aquire the first consumable product by paying 10,000 BTC, today worth more than $290m for two Pizza Hut is also open space to remember why everyone should use Bitcoin Cash!

Why Bitcoin Cash? It is known that Bitcoin Cash is the best currency peer-to-peer used in payments for goods and services, and to better respond to the concerns of traders and people seeking a means of payment with low rates, transaction speed and security . The Bitcoin Core had a leading role as P2P early space crypto but this role is not true these days, so remember this article I wrote two months ago where I made a small adjustment!

In this day on May 22, 2010 Lazlo Bought two Pizzas paying using Bitcoin,spending 10000 BTC, and the date become - Bitcoin 🍕 Day

Another thing, 1BCH will always be 1BCH and the market will always have ups and downs but the important thing to keep in mind is that to have a bright future it takes patience and accumulate Bitcoin Cash, only for reference, imagine if Lazlo had kept those 10,000 Bitcoins! He would now be two hundred million richer than it is now, but, he fulfilled the role and began a monetary revolution never before seen on the planet.

Now let's see why use Bitcoin Cash;

Bitcoin Cash is a decentralized issued digital currency that is originally a fork of Bitcoin Core but with the initial quality of the true fundamentals behind Satoshi Nakamoto's virtual currency creation reason:

  • Inclusion, low fees, transaction speed, transparency and security. Therefore an inclusive peer-to-peer payment system allowing everyone to be part of a decentralized economy without human interference.

As a decentralized currency Bitcoin Cash has its advantages over fiat money and it is necessary to safeguard for better worldwide adoption, so I will cite (5) reasons why to use Bitcoin Cash. There are many more, but for the moment I will only develop these five.

Cheap Fast and Easy to Use

Bitcoin Cash is a very easy currency to use so the expression 'if you can send a message so you can use Bitcoin Cash' and also it's very cheap to use Bitcoin Cash. For less than 0.01 cents of the dollar anyone can send and receive the currency, this is to say that Bitcoin Cash is cheaper than using a conventional credit card and this also refers to the speed of transaction.

For every transaction made on the Bitcoin Cash network it is confirmed almost instantly and the recipient can use Bitcoin Cash right away.

Send Money Anywhere, Anytime

While conventional networks require their users to go through a lengthy process where they must necessarily be allowed to carry out transactions, using Bitcoin Cash this no longer happens. Bitcoin Cash users can send money to any corner of the world every day, at any time in the 365 days that make up the year without interruption in any way.

Bitcoin Cash has no borders and unlike other types of money can be used anywhere in the world and without having to exchange in fiat taking into account that many merchants are willing to accept the currency in exchange for their products and services because they know the true value of Bitcoin Cash.

Increase Your Privacy and Operate Anonymously

Those who still think that their bank accounts are private and secure are deceived, those accounts can be violated by banks and their rights revoked, also all payments and movements can be tracked by Banks.

Bitcoin Cash by its nature increases privacy when moving money as no one can know who owns the wallet address and all transactions can be anonymous made using services like Cashfusion if desired. In other words, by deciding to use Bitcoin Cash anonymously and maintaining increased privacy, the user is exercising a sovereign right not to want anyone to snoop on their finances, a right that is often ignored by traditional financial means.

Have Full Control Over Your Money

Using Bitcoin Cash, any individual can have direct control of their money, since they have the value that belongs to them and can transact at any time without having to ask permission from anyone. Bitcoin Cash is a currency that is owned by the user and can do whatever they want with it at any time and thus have sovereign control of their money, in fact here comes the expression 'your own bank'.

A Scarce Digital Currency with a Fixed Supply

While state money (Fiat) can at any time be printed and flood the market with a lot of money that doesn't buy anything (inflation) this is no longer happens with Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash has a fixed supply of 21 million coins and which annually gains value, making it anti-inflationary and ensuring that, in addition to being an effective means of payment, it is also a very efficient means of storing value. , as it allows, over the years, that Bitcoin Cash reserved in wallets has a much higher purchasing power than Fiat stored in banks.

Here it should be noted that with the introduction of SmartBCH side-chain Bitcoin Cash became even scarcer as this network allows the burning of Bitcoin Cash, further reducing the supply, making the currency even more appetizing.


Bitcoin Cash is more than just a currency, it is a community that believes in an inclusive payment system where people from all over the world can talk and let their thoughts flow about the world of cryptocurrencies, but focused on the fundamentals of decentralized digital money that Bitcoin Cash represents. It has more than 100,000 merchants all over the world that aceepts the currency for their products and services.

Bitcoin Cash is, if I'm not mistaken, the first currency that allows or enables users all over the world to earn some money using social media to tip users, platforms like or even the platforms that work for digital content creators, Not only do these two allow users to get paid for their dedication Or efforts for creating unique original content but we also have, which are a decentralized social network where users earn some Bitcoin Cash for their dedication.

Bitcoin Cash is big and apart from the platforms I mentioned above people can use it to get paid by doing a task like which allows people to put a task online and ask people to do it in exchange for some Bitcoin Cash.

For a better storage of your Bitcoin Cash, several wallets are required, but especially some that stand out, such as, which has a very intuitive interface and is much simpler to use. It is estimated that more than 23 million have downloaded the wallet worldwide and the number continues to grow. Not only wallet can store Bitcoin Cash but others too (Electrum,, badger, cash.pocket etc).

Therefore, Bitcoin Cash is the decentralized currency that works for the people and also provides a means for people from all over the globe to actively participate and distribute the Bitcoin Cash economy.

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Written by   1042
1 month ago
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Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day. Time proved it was most precious day in Pizza hut man life. But unfortunately BTC stopped in fulfilling people P2P needs. Now its lates fork version BCH is many thousands time better in performance than BTC. You all reason valid and are according to need of modern era.

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1 month ago

Happy Bitcoin 🍕 Day

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1 month ago

Bitcoincash is for all with equality. This is end of talk. Five valid and most famous reasons you described. I am happy to be owner of my own money. Thank you brother.

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1 month ago

My pleasure! Happy Bitcoin 🍕 Day

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1 month ago