Human Being Came From Gas Not Monkey (Apparently ).

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Almost all of us are curious about the mystery of human creation. According to scientist Darwin, we evolved from apes into humans. But today I will go deeper than that and tell you where man really came from.

Disclaimer :

First of all, let me say that this is a scientific explanation. If you are a pious person then you can skip the whole post. I am a student in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I myself believe in religion. But this post will only give a brief summary of what scientists have discovered scientifically.

Religion says that the first Adam and Eve were created and sent to earth. The earth was created about five hundred million years ago or more. Before the creation of the human race, different kinds of animals lived. Everyone knows that dinosaurs lived on the earth before the creation of the human race.

But our question is how did man come to be? Humans will no longer be created from dinosaurs, right?

  • Life on earth (Busted )

I myself will discuss this with sympathy for one's own religion. Although science and religion are interrelated, science rarely believes in religion. As we do not believe in ghosts. But science says there is no such thing as a ghost on earth. Because it is nothing but foolishness to believe in the existence of a force that you cannot see.

Before you can unravel the mystery of life, you must first know what is inside an object or living thing.

Their DNA is made up of different types of nucleic acids and phosphate molecules. Now the question is what is nucleic acid again? Nucleic acids are made up of different types of amino acids, sugars, and nitrogen bases. Also different types of phosphate components are seen. So many compounds can be seen in a DNA molecule.

So now the question is how the element or compound was created on earth?

Do you all know about the "Big Bang Theory"? The Big Bang Theory is the first big explosion. The temperature of that explosion was 10 * 43 degrees Celsius. That means 43 zeros after ten. After that the range of our universe or the component of the explosion gradually increases. Which we can learn from Hubble's formula. Events Our world is still growing in many ways.

Creations of life cycle

This is how the creation of our universe begins. So then I only get helium and hydrogen gas. Gradually the earth began to get different types of elements. A scientist by the name of Jack, after mixing hydrogen helium and some phosphate together, first formed a gas called methane. So now the question is why methane gas is needed? If we look at the formation of our nucleic acids we can see the combination of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen.

From there amino acids are formed. And we all know what amino acids do. The function of amino acids is to make proteins. And protein is one of our most important molecules. So later amino acids are capable of RNA formation. Mankind originates from RNA. We all know more or less the process of how RNA is made into DNA.

This process is called transcription. We all know that biological DNA, RNA is the source of all life. Later different types of pathways are created from DNA. And from that pathway different types of organs are created. And a living organism is made up mainly of organs. First, a type of bacteria called archeae is formed.

Then the bacteria slowly grow and reproduce. Then a variety of small insects turned into insects, bags, reptiles, monkeys and finally humans. So if we say that the human race was created from gas then what is wrong. Hopefully all things are able to change your way of thinking.

Big Bang theory to Archeae ( A living organism )

How aliens will come

So now the question is, is there any evolution of the human race? The answer is yes -

And after the evolution of mankind, aliens may live on the earth. Alien creation from the Big Bang Theory.

Have you ever wondered what the creation of mankind has to do with the Big Bang Theory? We all know how important the Big Bang Theory was for the creation of mankind.

Address The biggest failure is how life is created in a cell.

That's why they found a man left on the beach. Because they want to see if the person loses weight when he dies. Because in our religion we all know that every soul has a soul. So scientists find that the man actually lost a lot of weight after he died.

This is a story I heard from my mother when I was a child.

Scientists have studied a man on his deathbed. The whole room was covered with glass. They wanted to find out if there was a soul in any animal. Then a glass of the wall breaks when the dying person dies.

Since then, scientists have come to realize that there is another world beyond what mankind sees. Scientists are now researching that world. But they will not have enough evidence because they will work with an invisible world.

So what we learned in today's article is-

1. Mystery of the creation of mankind with the Big Bang Theory.

2. Are humans really created from apes or are they already evolving?

3. The mystery of life on earth.

4. How aliens will be created.

For your convenience, I have drawn the diagram. Hopefully you won't have any questions in your mind. Hey yes, if you have any questions, please let us know in the comment box.

Our own teachers also forbid us to do research on these issues. Because if you get into these things you may go crazy. And most importantly, you will lose faith in religion.

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3. Some explanations of the internet about which sir has not told us anything yet.

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