[Devlog?] I Made A Googlesheet for Digimon World 2 Digivolution

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2 years ago

Because, why not?...

Someone probably has made this before though, probably even better than the one I have here, so for more value, I decided to put my explanation below.

Digimon World 2 doesn't explain many of its gameplay systems. Some NPCs give you hints, but there aren't any official tutorials inside the game for Recruiting DigimonDigivolving into the Digimon you want, or even how the leveling system works.

There's an artificial Level Cap that's easy to reach in Digimon World 2, and very slow to increase. The first Digimon you get will have a Level Cap of 13. The only way to increase the max level of your Digimon is to fuse it with another in a system that's called DNA Digivolution.

The Max level of the new Digimon is determined by this equation:

 Digimon 1's LV + (Digimon 2's LV / 2)
  • All decimal points are rounded down.

While the resulting Digimon will be stronger, (and has more DP which is the other reason for DNA Digivolve,) it will start at least one Stage as the Digimon fused into it. If one of the Digimon that was used to DNA Digivolve was a Champion, you'll have to start at the Rookie stage and grind all over again. Sadly, this system artificially increases the length of the game and feels like a waste of time sometimes.

While I can calculate this in my head, I thought it'll be better if there was a calculator for it. I also wanted to experiment with Google Sheets for a while, so I made this spreadsheet.

For the drop-down list, I used the Data Validation option from Googlsheets' Top Menu. Then I choose "List of Items" for the Criteria.

I used this formula that determines which Stage the resulting Digimon would be:

=IFS(Digimon1 = "Champion","Rookie", Digimon1 = "Ultimate",IF(Digimon2 = "Champion","Rookie","Champion"), Digimon1 = "Mega", IFS(Digimon2 = "Chamption", "Rookie", Digimon2 = "Ultimate", "Champion", Digimon2 = "Mega","Ultimate"))


- If Digimon 1 is Champion, the result is --> Rookie

- If Digimon 1 is Ultimate:
- - If Digimon 2 is Champion --> Rookie
- - If Digimon 2 isnt Champion --> Champion

- If Digimon 1 is Mega:
- - If Digimon 2 is Champion --> Rookie
- - If Digimon 2 is Ultimate --> Champion
- - If Digimon 2 is Mega --> Ultimate

Thanks for reading.

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2 years ago
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This is a great use of computer knowledge! I geeked out a little just reading it! Thank you for sharing!

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2 years ago

Thanks for the comment, are you familiar with Digimon World games?

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