Christmas Wish List (7 Gifts I would love for Christmas this year)

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2 years ago

Christmas is approaching so incredibly fast this year. Shopping malls and all cities are putting up Christmas decorations everywhere which makes me very excited for the holidays even though I find them rather stressful than peaceful.

I don´t know about you but I already have most of my Christmas gifts ready for my friends and family. Some people buy all gifts the week before Christmas but I just can´t do it (it would be too much pressure and I hate full malls 😣). To be honest, I usually start buying in August/September so I have plenty of time to think everything through. 😃

Since I have all gifts for other people figured out, in this article, I would like to tell you about 7 gifts that I would like to get for Christmas this year.

So take this as my Christmas wish list. 🥰 Do you also have one?

1. Washi tapes

Screenshot of my washi tape wishlist on AliExpress.

We all have some obsessions and there are things we crave just for the looks. My obsession is currently washi tapes.

There is an infinite number of colours and designs of washi tapes and I feel like I just need all of them! 😅🤣

For this reason, I have a whole wish list on AliExpress dedicated to washi. So if someone doesn't have a clue what to give me for Christmas, any washi tape will make my day, haha.

Plus they are really cheap on Ali. I recently ordered a few and each piece was just $1 or even less. I like that you can get them this cheap.

2. New journal

The journaling thing leads me to another thing I really need right now. And that is a new journal. My current one is too full to add any more things into it so I need to leave it alone or it will fall apart. 😄 So a new simple black journal would be amazing.

If anyone of you is interested in bullet journals, I found this brand Archer & Olive. They make some amazing quality journals with simple designs.

Screenshot of Archer and Olive website.

Image source:

3. Wax seal set

My wish list is all about stationery so far, haha... but that´s what interests me now and always kinda did.

Beautiful wax seal on a letter to my boyfriend.

It´s quite a while since I ordered some handmade wax seals to decorate a letter I wrote for my boyfriend on our anniversary.

After I got them I fell in love. I watched some wax sealing videos on Youtube and let me tell you it´s extremely satisfying to watch the wax being poured and then stamped. 😍

I´d really like a wax seal set to create my own wax seals. I find them so beautiful.

4. Books

Photo of His Dark Materials book. Taken by me.

I don´t read as much as I would like because I simply don´t have time for it. 😔 In the last few years, I mainly read books for my university studies.

The only book I have read for myself since my time at university, was last summer. I read the fantasy book His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman. It´s so good. When I was reading it I got so sucked into the whole story and the characters are so well written! Best fantasy book I´ve read so far!

So naturally, I want to know more about this fictional universe.

Well... and a few other books by Phillip Pullman can take me there. I already told my boyfriend that I would really like the other books which are sequels or prequels (for example The Book of Dust)... so maybe I will get it haha. Idk.

Another book I would like to read because I saw the movie and was impressed is Dune by Frank Herbert. 😄

The Book of Dust Book (Image source):

Dune Book (Image source:):

5. Fluffy blanket

Screenshot source: Pinterest.

Who doesn´t love fluffy and soft, cosy blankets in which you can wrap yourself up and hide from all your problems? 🤣

I´m always cold and I like to be comfortable while working on my laptop or watching a movie.

This gift is practical and perfect for everyone. I think you can never go wrong with a simple, soft, pastel-coloured fluffy blanket.

6. Warm and soft socks

Image source: Pinterest.

Another simple thing that makes me happy everytime I get it for Chrismas is warm soft socks.

There is a saying that children don´t like "soft gifts" because they know they will get a piece of clothing instead of toys. They say that these soft gifts make them sad.

Ha. I won´t lie. I was often sad in my childhood because I wanted some toys instead of some stupid socks... 😂 but now I would kill to get warm socks from under the Christmas tree! They are amazing to have on! Extra cosy.

It´s crazy how much our opinions change throughout life.

Do you like "soft gifts"?

7. Kitten ears or anything with cats really

Me with one of my ears.

Some kids want to be superheroes, cosmonauts or princesses and well... I´m not a kid anymore but I would like to be a cat. 🤣

I love cats and I love the fact that they can sleep 20 hours a day and nobody is angry at them because of it. 🤣

Do you know cosplays? This is a cosplay thing.

I´m obsessed with kitten ears. I already bought 2 pairs of them but they are both from Ali and the quality is meh (of course, because everything is cheap and doubtful quality on Ali).

I promised myself that in the future, once I find a well-paid job, I will purchase some high-quality handmade kitten ears, like these ones from Catzo:

Screenshot image source:

Aren´t they beautiful?

I included this item into this wish list more for myself to remember. This is too expensive to want from anyone else. $225 omg.

To make it easier: Anything cat-like will make my day. A keychain, a mug, anything with cats. 😊

So... this was my (honest, real) Christmas wish list.

It can act as a little guide for my relatives hehe. They always ask me "What do you want for Christmas?". I will send them a link to this article next time. 😆

What things are on YOUR wish list this year? I´m looking forward to your answers.

Take care. 💖

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2 years ago


I still do not know what to get for Christmas. I just wish to have good health for me and for my family. On material things, maybe food is enough. :D

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