The lives of ants.

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Do you know about the lives of ants?

Ants live in a tiny world, the same as the people. They are simple, earnest, hardworking and brave, but actually, there are many interesting things about them. Ants have their own ecological system. They grow and reproduce every day, which make a growing ant family. They also have their own social relationship and ways to protect themselves against other species. These are actually the same as humans.

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Everyone looks at ants as animals that work with a goal. But, are ants really that? Ants have been around for about 30 million years, and it has also been proven that they are the most successful species of all species. In fact, they can survive in areas where people can not even survive.

You can learn a lot from ants.

  • They are the ultimate example of cooperation,

  • Consistency

  • Teamwork

  • self-sacrifice and

  • persistence.

Ants don't have a leader, they work together without having to be told what to do.

Ants are one of the most successful creatures in this planet. Ants can be your best teachers if you are going to learn how to start a business, deal with time management and be productive.

Ants time management

Ants are really very busy, but do not waste time.

Ants are living in the green forest. They have a very precise work. Each ant has its own specialty.

Ants have the following duties:

To strengthen the colony, you need to be able to communicate with other ants. To communicate with ants, ants use chemicals called pheromones. Pheromone can be classified into:

In addition to pheromone, ants also use another way of communication called touch. Touch communication is a direct contact between ants. This kind of communication between ants is usually for something important, such as the food that has been found. For example, when the ant finds some food outside the nest, an ant will come to tell others of its discovery in the nest. Here comes another kind of signal into play, a touch signal called tibial signal.

Ants been productive

Ants been productive, they always workin'

They need to get them food and water

They build the house so they never got to leave

They got a place for the kids to sleep like rest in peace

They got the queen that's where they breed

Ants got a job, ants got a kid

Ants got a baby, ants got a wife

Ants been working on a bridge all day long

In their world is so different then yours and mine

Ants only know one thing, that's working hard every day!

Ants got a job, ants got a kid

Ants got a house on earth and another in the sky!

Ants workin' hard to get things done!

No matter how big or small your job is or how slow you go, stay focused on your goals and you will succeed!

In the lives of ants, one can find useful lessons for human behavior.

Ants are amazing creatures and if you have never seen them before, you're missing a lot.

They work together as long as they live in the same colony. They work hard to strengthen their colony and care for the young and elderly.

They are even known to rescue their queen from danger and when some of her legs get stuck, they will come to the rescue by attaching the legs so she can continue to run and escape.

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I have heard and read fables about ants being the constant symbols of hardwork. Since they really don't waste their time and they keep storing food for their colony. And they are indeed cooperative with each other.

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1 year ago

Yes, the life of ants is the best example of teamwork and cooperation. Ganun din sana Tayo. Trabaho lng para sa pagkakaisa.

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1 year ago