what mask are we wearing?

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Within the intricate fabric of human life, individuals frequently discover themselves adorned with a myriad of masks, symbolic disguises that either veil or expose facets of their identity. These disguises manifest in the guise of societal pressures, personal uncertainties, or cultural imprints. As we maneuver through the complex choreography of existence, it becomes essential to ask every now and then: What sorts of masks do we clothe ourselves in? Do these serve as protective barriers shielding us from the external world, or do they function as veils concealing our genuine selves?.

Have we once asked ourselves? " what kind of mask am I gonna wear today?"

Isn't it true that one of the most exhausting thing is pretending to be someone that we know we aren't? Tendency is we're becoming a stranger within our own skin. We become more and more comfortable wearing a mask because that is our only escape from people's judgement. In the end, It is much harder for us to see what we really looked like in our own mirror. Confused with the thought of who's who and which is which.

"If I am this kind of person, then my friends will like me.

If I act like this and succeed like them, then my family would be so proud of me.

If I dress like this and be like that then my lover won't ever leave me.

If I am this person then people will accept me. "

Those thoughts are our strongest Demon. It hinders our capacity. It steals our confidence and hope. It destroy us from the inside. and it kills us slowly without our knowledge.

Instead of closing our doors, We welcome it like a VIP; Crossed legged sitting and laughing at our foolishness.

The Mask of Perfection, Insecurity and strength

  1. Mask of Perfection:

    Many people feel drawn to the idea of being perfect, and since perfection is only attainable through a mask, some of them wear it like a head-to-toe filter. Others use it to boost their confidence, with the mentality of "fake it til' you make it." But, the question arises: how long is "til"? Trying too hard to be perfect can make us constantly criticize ourselves and compare to others. Instead of fostering improvement, this relentless pursuit often leads to a constant cycle of self-doubt and dissatisfaction. The quest for perfection, achieved through the mask, becomes a never-ending journey with elusive milestones. To take off this mask, we need to understand that imperfections are okay. Imperfection is beauty

  2. Mask of Insecurity:

    Unlike the perfect image that some people try to show with their mask, the insecurity mask covers individuals in self-doubt It comes from being afraid that others will judge or reject them, creating a heavy cloak that gets in the way of personal growth and real connections. The first step to getting rid of this mask is learning to figure out where the insecurity comes from and admit that it's there. By being kind to ourselves and accepting who we are, we can slowly reveal our true selves without the burden of insecurities.

  1. Mask of strength:

    In the midst of life's twists and turns, the strength mask acts like a suit of armor, helping us face challenges and tough moments. It's like a shield that shows we can endure difficulties with resilience and courage. However, there's a catch. Relying too much on this strength mask to hide our true feelings can be risky. True strength isn't just about putting on a brave face; it involves a genuine courage.

I often use mask when I don't want people to get too deep with me. I am protecting myself and that includes my personal story. I still believe that people can't destroy things they don't have access to. Yes people can't destroy what they don't know. The safest move is putting a brave mask until they believe that I definitely am and eventually , I will be.

The capacity that oftentimes being measured by judgement is somehow suffocating as it places us in a constricting space where our worth is evaluated based on people's opinion. This can create a heavy atmosphere where personal growth seemed to be limited. But the only thing we could ever do is take of our mask not for people to see who we are. We are not doing this for them, but for ourselves. For us to see how beautiful we are even after imperfections, even after slow growth, even after flaws. Even without a mask.

and if people ask you why did you take it off, ask them back "why not?"


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For me I think I'm wearing mask of perfection

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