Dealing With Inferiority Complex

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1 year ago

Hello Reads how are you all doing today I’m here to share this vital write up I hope it’s helps thank you ! .


You should never feel inferior in any circumstance or environment you find your self because God created us equal !

    What is inferiority?;

    The condition of being lower in status or quality than another or others.

Most times we feel we are not capable of doing certain things or what others do, that’s actually feeling inferior.




  •     Lack of self Confidence:

    The lack of confidence in oneself would definitely cause inferiority complex, making you have a thought of ‘I can’t do it’.


    The moment everyone surrounded by you or most people you know seem to be more successful, popular, funny, intelligent or attractive than you? you feel like you’re worthless, and just not ‘good enough when you are not on the same level or pace with them


    Comparing your self with others maker you lose focus on life, it makes you always feel unfulfilled and left behind which is bad and oke of the major reason why people feel inferior. Social media is one of the platforms that make we humans compare ourselves with others while not know what they really do behind the camera.


    Some of our parents will always criticize their child making them feel worthless and less of their self which should not be, this can affect a child for a life time if not been careful.





Self awareness the ability to take an honest look at your life without any attachment believing that success is achievable.

Having self confidence is your opinion of yourself, you should never look or think down of yourself.


Types of self confidence;


- Self acceptance: Accept yourself as you are.


- Self belief: Remember that you can always be better, also have the mindset of “I CAN DO IT!” Believing in yourself.



This simply means having the ability or capacity to control and manage situations also how you respond to your inner thoughts. The ability to do this will help your mind focused and ignore what people say or feel about you, Learn to tackle any negative feelings or thoughts that could make you feel less of yourself.



When your motivation is intrinsic, it helps you a lot. keeping your self motivated without waiting

for anyone to do so or force you kills the thought of you can’t do somethings. Try to always motivate your self by yourself in all you decided to do or a situation you find yourself.


Self motivation push you to greatness and great heights.

I hope with this you can tackle and fight inferiority complex thank you for reading!

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1 year ago


I still remember when my friend used to complain about her parent talking bad if her since she wasn't a male child. If one grows in such a family. You are bound to experience inferiority complex.

Am so happy she had friends that really cheered her up, because most times, she was always thinking of suicide. Inferiority complex most times could lead to depression and constant depression will result in suicide.

I beg anyone reading this, please reach out to your friends who are so timid, most times its inferiority complex that is the cause.

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1 year ago

It would surely help us overcoming inferiority.💗

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1 year ago