Of Lasting Friendships and Overrated Labels

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We meet different people in every stages of our lives and some tend to stick more than the others. In a way, we long for familiarity. We seek for relationships, love and care that are not necessarily sexual. If we are lucky enough, we would meet our match/matches. Enter the best friend/s.

It feels like finding that certain person who will provide you that platonic comfort in this overtly sexual world. It's the excitement of having a long day in school/work knowing that somebody is going to listen to your stories; Stories of how your day went even if it has been bland (almost like a routine) but you eagerly narrate because that's what friends do. They talk. The conversations just flow effortlessly. It is having to share the light to someone of the same wavelength and λν = c (light equation; read: me trying to be punny) just made sense. 

It's you getting to be you without being judged. Who am I kidding, it's you being judged and teased every single day but not minding it because they accept you and your quirks wholeheartedly. They are also the same people who would immediately come at your defense should the judgments originate from someone who is not a part of your squad.

It's you getting to sing off-key at the top of your lungs and experience the best concerts / music festivals with the comfort of sharing the same enthusiasm with him/her/them.

It's you getting to take selfies and pose wackily and you/them supporting your non-existent but well-loved modeling career.

It's you trying out every matcha in town and you pigging out even when you all have mutually discussed that you need to go on a diet.

It's you enjoying life.

And who says you are limited to just one?

It's them who balance the calm and the storm.

It's them who understand even in your silence and through the distance.

It's them who may not to get to check on you everyday and vice versa but can still pick up the pieces from where you left off.

It's the maturity that goes with the years of being together, no matter how unconventional the friendship has started (knowing how social media and the internet are the major factors these days.)

It's the give and take, and growing together.

It is the unlabeled familiarity that is rooted from nothing but love.

But like any other relationships, there will be fallout and sadly, you cannot salvage all of the good ones. Some will get disengaged as quick as acquiring the connection that you had with them and they will be out of your lives for quite some time (sometimes even for good) without you knowing it.

One time you will both be on your prime, soaring together, until you are not on the same ground anymore. They needed to spread their wings for full potential and you had to let them find it on another group or person. And you will let them because you know that you both needed it.

Sometimes, the one who will be needing to explore could also be you

Because you depended too much that you lose track of the many other relationships that is also vital for your optimal growth.

You are stuck.

You trusted too much.

You stirred conflicts and apparently you are/the other person is not ready to face the consequences of your words and your actions.

You still grow... but apart this time.

And that is also okay.

Some will make a comeback sometime in the future and you may not know the reason behind it, but accept them anyway. Choosing love over past misunderstandings is beneficial for both sides, you'll see.

The All Time Low boys, for example, have been friends since high school but even with a friendship that is rooted from long ago cannot be perfect. Heaven knows how many bro brawls they probably had behind the curtains. There are probably just as many differences as there are similarities and yet they are making it work. Not everyone has been that lucky so we should treasure ours just as much.

The best friend bubble is good but look further and you will realise just how many kindred souls are just there waiting for you to share a bit of yourself with them.

I will be totally honest. I miss having that one best friend whom like Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph can scream to the world that ''I AM HIS/HER BEST FRIEND!" and all that. But I realised God gave a Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson and Zac Merrick to my Alex Gaskarth and I couldn't have been more grateful.

I've been praying to have one but I prayed wrongly. I asked for a person. I forgot He always go large and He gave me people. Life has never been better.

Whether it's with a group or just someone, you will not feel like you are missing out on your relationships. You just get exposed to another reality in life: You lose some, you get some. Sometimes, you get even more.

And who doesn't want that, right?

All photos are from Unsplash

This could have easily been under the Labels prompt but I posted it months early. But it is still very relevant, right?

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2 years ago (Last updated: 1 year ago)


I am very much thankful God gave me not only one person to have. I have 5 beautiful people who were always there for me. Ever since college and now that we are separated by our careers, somehow we still find time to check on each other. The distance doesn't really matter to us, it's the understanding and communication. I love my angels so much and I'm missing them so bad.

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1 year ago

Wow amazing! I can relate because my friends and I are like that as well. No distance could ever separate us because we are all connected by heart. To lasting friendships 🤍

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1 year ago

Yes, nothing can break a strong friendship when bounded with mutual understanding.

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1 year ago