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Answering the Most Random “Never Have I Ever” questions

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2 months ago

I have been on a writer’s block in the past few weeks and have you ever felt like wanting to write something but you just can’t come up with the right words? Either I have become too distracted or busy with my day job but regardless of the reason that I couldn’t really point out, I am trying to ease back to writing and hopefully I could be productive in here again. So as I was browsing my feed I came upon @francescawrites ‘ blog and decided, why not try this Never Have I Ever thing too?

So I Google-d and found a website that generates random Never Have I Ever questions and here are the first thirteen questions that I will try to answer honestly as I can.

(Why 13? It is one of my favourite numbers.)

So, for today’s TMI, let’s start?

Never Have I Ever… forgotten what happened during the last night partying.

I…. am not really big on partying although I have high tolerance for alcohol. I use to tell my friends that “I can (drink), I just won’t.” so it is more of a choice. I also was the Cinderella of the group whenever we are heading out for a bottle or two after work but that is mainly because I reside far from the workplace/bar and it will take me longer time to arrive home despite being the one leaving early. So I leave before 12 midnight.

One of my most memorable experiences partying happened on a company party as I was trying out this cocktail concocted by one of the bosses and the drink is so strong I felt dizzy right that instant but since it’s just a little amount I didn’t get blackout drunk per se, and I can still remember what I was doing or what the people around me are doing at that time.

Never Have I Ever… danced in front of the mirror.

Oh, I certainly have because we used to have zumba sessions once or twice a month prior to this work from home/pandemic situation. If referring to the mirror at home though, I have danced as well because why not, eh? Also, me and my cousins used to play Just Dance (via Switch) on our free time.

I love dancing! It’s the only exercise that I can tolerate and do these days. I love having my legs or arms ache from moving my body a lot. I also love warm baths after resting and a nice dance workout.

Never Have I Ever… wished to be born in a friend’s body.

To be perfectly honest, I have never wished to be born in a body other than mine because that would certainly not be me. It took a long while to get used and accept that I won’t be as skinny as the others and my physique isn’t the most beautiful per societal standards but I learned to love myself.

I would probably wish to have something else like extra tips from @TheRandomRewarder (just kidding) but the actual body, nope.

Never Have I Ever… kissed a stranger for a dare.

Never have kissed anyone for that matter. I’ve always been so adventurous in life except for that “love” aspect. Partly it is because when I was still studying I was too focused on other things and there’s that insecurity of not being enough for someone to like or even love. I am an extrovert and I would have kissed a stranger but the opportunity didn’t present itself back then so… yes. Staying pure til I meet the one, I guess, and that is perfectly fine with me.

Never Have I Ever… had a heartache.

What a fitting next question! Following the logic of the previous question, I have never been in a relationship, like ever. But it doesn’t mean that I haven’t had a heartache as it comes in many forms, too. It could be on the form of coming from a broken family, of broken trust and toxic friendships that you have learned to let go in time. It could also be about the disappointment and failure in life. And so yes, I did have a heartache. I can’t say that I have healed fully but I try to be stronger to be able to face the future head on.

Never Have I Ever… lived vegan.

I am such a foodie and I do admire those who can because it would take such discipline to be able to do so. There was a point where I am into salads for a few months, though but I’ve never really lived vegan (I don’t think that I can, too)

Never Have I Ever… watched a movie more than 15 times

I have watched the Harry Potter series plenty of times that I lost count. I don’t know but there is such comfort in already knowing the endgame especially to overthinkers, maybe that is the reason why some people tend to watch a movie over and over instead of watching the whole Netflix catalog.

Never Have I Ever… sold something for much more than it was actually worth.

Maybe for a couple of bucks, yes but not too much. It serves much like a handling fee. I have not been into buying and selling of goods/merch despite being a collector of sorts, fortunately. I am okay with my album pulls whoever they may be (on the few K-pop items that I own)

Never Have I Ever… gotten a tattoo

This is actually one of my bucketlist and I am yet to tick it off. But if ever I had the courage to have tattoos, I’ll have the word (un)lost on my left wrist (it is the title of one of my life’s soundtracks as sung by this band called The Maine. You can check it out!) and the baybayin writing of the word “tibalbal” (ᜁᜊᜎ᜔ᜊᜎ᜔) which translates to “chubby” on my right wrist.

Never Have I Ever… watched someone shoplifting

The world is such a scary place. I have not seen someone shoplift but I have seen someone snatch a phone off someone’s bag in the metro. I even lost my phone while commuting in public so, yeah.

Never Have I Ever… made a decision I regretted the very moment after

I used to blame it on my star sign, Aries but despite being a good listener, I can be hot-headed and I speak my mind more often than most. Sometimes it gets misunderstood or maybe I get to critical that I feel like I may have hurt someone so the overthinking starts from there. I think I have mellowed in time, though. I learned to be more compassionate towards people.

Never Have I Ever… switched places in the bus/train to sit next to an attractive person

I haven’t but I do miss human interactions in public utility vehicles. You get to see attractive people everywhere and not only on the computer/phone screen. ha


Never Have I Ever… had the feeling of being of the disadvantaged gender.

The sad truth is, yes because we live in a misogynistic world. Even in my chosen field of work (engineering), gender equality is not in full effect. But that doesn’t mean we should let them rule especially when we know where we truly stand. Women are stronger than they know.

whew that was a lot! But this is very refreshing. Letting out what’s on our minds can be cathartic especially in these trying times.

Feel free to try it too, if you want to.

To good days ahead!


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Written by   58
2 months ago
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I can't live a vegan too. Though I love veggies, I still need meat and others from time to time :D And go for that tattoo so you can tick it off your list. I think it's an art, and it would be good if it's done smaller.

And I love the part where you accept you and your body as you are. I won't exchange mine for another too :)

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Thank you! I love veggies too! But i can’t picture myself eating only greens for the rest of my life 😆 aaah thank you. I hope you’re doing well

$ 0.00
2 months ago

haha, we do need something different for the tastebuds too :) You're welcome, and I am doing mighty well :) Thank you as well

$ 0.00
2 months ago

True! Loads of protein 😆

$ 0.00
2 months ago

I love your Never Have I ever. Parang same tayo sis, mukhang di tayo adventurous sa love aspect of life... charot! Your tattoo will definitely be lit, bakit tibalbal naisip mo out of many words out there tho? Just curious.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Part of self-acceptance lang rin sis hehe chubby kasi meaning nun tapos natuwa lang ako na may tagalog word pala siyang direkta

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Yes nga sis, wala lang pero nakakaproud yung sa self-acceptance na part! Love your thought!

$ 0.00
2 months ago