Stay Stuck in the Past...

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Don't try to forget your past, try to change your future.

If you forget your past, you forget what your past has shown you; Everything you give is a gift.

Don't act like it doesn't matter. Know that you are more important; because they are absolutely important. So you decide not to repeat some of your actions.

Once you make such a decision, you can let go of your past. Letting go does not mean forgetting. It means to stop clinging to your past, as if you would suffocate without it. You're suffocating because of it.

Stop using your past to sustain yourself in thoughts of "who you are". Leave this old course and swim to the new shores.

Even people with a great past don't take advantage of their past by clinging to it when it comes to who they are. This is called "clinging to your victory," and nothing can stop growing faster.

Don't get hung up on your successes, nor persist in your mistakes. Instead, start again; start over in every precious moment of the present.

The above recommendations are taken from the book Friendship with God by N.D.Walsch.

Especially the first sentence is very important. Because most of us exhibit exactly this attitude. We either try to forget our past or come to terms with our past. Our issue is with what has happened, not what will happen.

However, we deceive ourselves without realizing it. What a futile effort it is to deal with the past when it is not possible to change what is unchangeable, that is, what has been lived and finished, and when our future is just one step away, right in front of us. Why this insistence on changing the immutable rather than shaping what has not yet happened?

Because the easiest deception is self-pity and convincing others how much effort you've put into it. Or so we think.

Our subconscious knows the truth. He knows that the unchangeable is in the past. He knows that the future is ours as much as we can do whatever we want to do. But our defense mechanisms still do. 'Run!' he tells us. 'Escape from fighting'.

As we run, we try to avoid the real problem without realizing it. Because fighting is tough, fighting requires self-confidence, faith, effort. Most importantly, it wants results, whether positive or negative. It takes the heart to bear the consequences. The issue is not what happened at the end of the war, but rather what we did in the face of those results. There is no rule that every battle will be won, but at the end of every war there should be lessons to be learned from those results. Those lessons will be our experiences, and on those experiences we will form the next first step of our lives.


If we are to avoid fighting, how can we gain experience, how can we reshape our lives? Because what we call life constantly changes, takes shape, flows and changes us too. It is not a static thing. And we don't have time to stop and think. We cannot create the next day by thinking and deciding what to do. Only what happened the previous day sheds light on our tomorrow. In a sense, those who do not learn from past events are those who keep the past lighthouse that illuminates our path turned off.

Coming to terms with the past is our anger at our past and ourselves. To account for what we did not do. But what we cannot do is not in the past. They are hidden in our future and it takes a few steps to find them. A few steps forward, not backwards.

Let whatever is in the past stay there. Let's take our experiences and move on. There is so much to be done in the future!

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May your days be full of happiness.
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