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How Do Positive People Avoid Negative Energy?

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9 months ago

We are surrounded by negative energy almost everywhere we go. People are always complaining, doing things that hurt them and others, or trying to bring us down with their criticism and limiting arguments. But some people remain optimistic even in the most toxic environments. So what do positive people do to avoid the negative energy that surrounds them?

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Negative energy can spread and affect your thoughts and actions. Staying away from negative energy sources is essential if you want to be successful. Anyone can be affected by negative emotions, but only people who can banish them have learned how to deal with them. How Does? In that:

Positive people create happiness from within

Positive people do not seek happiness through external stimuli. When you seek happiness outside of yourself, when that external stimulus disappears, your morale drops as well. This leads to insecurity and addictions.

Instead, positive people look for positive energy sources within. In this way, happiness states are not so dependent on external stimuli. Their awareness helps them filter out negative energy through their search for inner peace.

Positive people stay away from negative people

This is one of the most important things one can do to maintain positive energy. There is a popular saying, "He who flees from luck also flees from danger". The same thing happens with positive people. When you avoid toxic people, you eliminate the risk of them poisoning you.

The problem is that to achieve this we need strength that we don't always show: courage and determination. It takes a lot of courage to avoid negative people, especially considering that the people who influence us the most are the most important people in our lives and even the people we love dearly.

But the advantages of staying away from toxic people far outweigh the disadvantages. Because when you want to be with them, you do so of your own free will, with your battery charged and your protective shield strengthened. When you make the decision, you are in control. This is a huge weapon.

Positive people believe in themselves

One of the most toxic and negative charges we all face is the negativity of those who don't believe in us, who criticize or try to limit us, projecting their own inadequacy and frustration onto us.

Positive people are aware that their success is based on their belief in themselves, they continue to believe in themselves even if no one else does. In the end, everyone is responsible for their own life.

“Our beliefs about what we are and what we can become determine what we can become.”

– Anthony Robbins

Positive people are in touch with nature and live it

Physical exercise releases endorphins, the hormones responsible for feeling good. Exercise also helps manage stress and boost self-esteem. This provides you with optimism and positive energy that helps you stay strong in the face of possible external waves of negativity.

Also, positive people are regularly found in nature and spend time in the fresh air. Nature and clean air; Helpful for relaxation, introspection, and self-awareness.

Exercise, being in the fresh air and spending time in nature; It helps to recharge positive energy and filter out any possible toxins that infect you.

Positive people accept failure and take responsibility

Positive people accept failure because they know it's the only way to learn and grow. They understand the negative feelings that failure brings, but they don't sink to the bottom. On the contrary, they gather themselves and move forward.

Also, positive people always take responsibility for what happens in their lives and don't try to blame others to justify their mistakes. Positive people focus on what they can fix and analyze their experiences and try to do better next time.

Positive people don't need the approval of others

Relying on other people's opinions makes you vulnerable, easily manipulated, dependent, and even dependent on others. Positive people know this; just as they know that it is impossible to please everyone. That's why they don't seek the approval of others. Instead, they act according to their own values.

They listen to the ideas of others but do not allow themselves to be influenced by them beyond what is beneficial to their growth. And they know how to appreciate constructive criticism but also deal with the kind of criticism that tries to destroy them.

Positive people believe that everything has a solution.

Positive people realize that everything has a solution except death. They follow the saying, "Where there is life, there is hope." For positive people, there is always a way to overcome an obstacle.

Even when they hit rock bottom, positive people manage to bounce back and look to the future with the intent to do whatever it takes to be stronger and get back on their feet.

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Written by   10
9 months ago
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Positive mindset comes from positive surroundings. Its better to remove all toxicities in our life for us to live in a full of positive vibes.

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9 months ago

Having positive thinking people around us also reflects on us.

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9 months ago

Yeahhh true

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9 months ago

I run away from negative people, they are toxic people. It is healthy to surround yourself with positive people.

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9 months ago

I do the same thing, they only hurt us, thank you for sharing your opinion

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9 months ago