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Mile 12 Market

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The popular Mile 12 market is located in Kosofe Local Government area, along Ikorodu road, Lagos Nigeria. This unlike many other stores or shops or even bazaars that you might encounter around the world. the market is a place filled with sellers and buyers of both perishable and non-perishable goods.

Dirty, Busy and Money Making

Mile 12 Market is mostly recognised as the home of perishable goods in the whole of South-South Nigeria. Due to it major/specific kind of goods (perishable goods) the surroundings were usually very dirty and smelly but these attributes does not stop the marketers, buyers, carriers or motorists from trading at the place or plying that route. Lately, a new team of executives were inaugurated to manage the affairs of this market.

New Team of Executives

Ever since then, the market as turned up with a new look, making the place very attractive to pedestrians. we now have flowers planted around, lighting to show what beauty it beholds at night and very much more unexpected changes would be met by those who might not have seen the place in a while.

Known as the largest food market in Africa, it has served as a tourist centre for foreigners coming into the country who might find such views fascinating. It is my -pleasure to inform readers that the Mile 12 Market has changed for better. Old stories of bad roads are currently been turned around, marketing activities are now being monitored by strict rules and regulations.

so any day any time if you find yourself within Lagos, Nigeria. Whether you are on a business trip or coming down here to visit your family or just for leisure. Do not miss out checking out the new MILE 12 MARKET.

The new face of Mile 12 Market

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wow really I didn't know before now that a market in Nigeria could look so pleasing and accomodating. This truly is a wonderful improvement, How I wish other markets would see this and emulate it

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2 years ago

Thank you. They'll all get there, it just a matter of time.

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2 years ago