You Are Valuable

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Hey, how are you? Is there a time/s that you feel worthless? Or don't feel valuable and loved by the people around you—by your family, friends, special someone, etc. and even to strangers? If yes, this is for you. But if not, this is also for you. How it is for you? Read until the end.

Let me tell you some of my stories first....

When I started my highschool journey (starting from Grade-7) I gained a lot of friends or lets just say I've been close to many people, especially to my classmates. When I was in my 7th grade, I was neutral to my classmates, probably the reason why I was close to all of them. So when some of them ask me to accompy them/her in our canteen or comfort room to school while in our free/break time, I will if I don't have anything important to do like reviewing for exam/quiz or running errands for some of our teachers.

Some of them will open up to me about their problems and sometimes I just see posts from my fb friends about he/she feeling worthless and unvaluable (most girls post those kind of things but there are also some boys).

So I think that's enough for my story haha. Now let me explain why I shared that. I shared that because I want you to know or to remind you that many people feel that they are unworthy or not valuable.

To someone that doesn't feel valuable;

YOU ARE VALUABLE. YOU ARE WORTHY. YOU ARE LOVED. Never make yourself feel useless because you're here in this world because you have a purpose. Maybe you just don't see/feel the value that others are giving to you because you are focusing on some things....maybe you don't notice those people that value you because you are focusing on someone else.... And also, don't you know that if those people who love you knew that you feel that way they will get hurt? I experienced that. Because everytime that I see post from some friend of mine saying how they feel worthless, I was hurt, because for me doesn't she appreciate all my efforts? To know your value, appreciate those people who love you. Appreciate even the little act of kindness of people around. Don't focus on negative. Be happy on what you have and on the people that care for you. Don't make yourself believe in lies like, "Nobody loves you. You're so useless. You're a failure." because that will only bring you down. Keep in mind that you have a purpose and that there are people who care for you—who need you.

To someone that feel valuable:

That's good to know! And I'm happy for you. Indeed, you are valuable❤️

You feel valuable, right? So why don't you share that. Let others feel that they have value. Be kind to them by telling how beautiful she is or how handsome he is. Appreciate them, see the good things in them and their good deeds. Don't be hard on them because they are already hard on themselves.

Feeling valuable or not, let's always choose to be kind to each other.

Feeling valuable or not, never forget that Jesus died for you and that's what makes you valuable.

Hi, everyone! Woah, it's been 5 months since the last time I posted here in haha. Sorry for the wrong grammar, punctuations and spelling if there is any hehe. I made this article because I want to encourage others. I want to share positivity. Feel free to share your thoughts💭 through comment/s. I am interested in your opinion. Thank you and God bless us all.❤️

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