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Don't Love me,"I hate You"

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11 months ago

After a football knee injury, I was hospitalized for rest. Now I am good and active here, so sorry friends I was not active here. I decided to write article about My Heart Condition at the age of 22. First I take start of my article. I say thanks to ma'am @JonicaBradley who is always a read cash blessing for all of us and provide us best articles writing ideas with best titles.

What is Cheating?

Cheating is any deviation from Disciplines and Regulations of any sort of Relation resulting in breakages of trust.

It has many roots like

  • Cheating in Love

  • Cheating in Bussines

  • Cheating in Laws

  • Cheating in Education

  • Cheating in Parentage

  • Cheating with read cash

  • Cheating with yourself

Cheating In Love

I want to share here my own incomplete and full of cheating love story. In my twenty blooms of life, I was unlucky cheated three times in same chapter of love. I didn't mind if you entitled me broken hearted-Lover. And I am not feeling ashamed or any kind of hesitation in sharing my real life story. You can't believe but I am telling the truth. I have three sides broken heart. Many readers here who are reading my story might have experience of this.

I was in my Matriculation with immature mind and heart. Everyone has sex and feelings of love at its peak. I also have the same condition. One day my fellow proposed me. Because I was seeking a life partner I accepted the proposal and say I love you.It was first time in my life when I accept the remarks of a girl. In other moments of my life, I have a rude behaviour about girls. And I understand these creatures are so delicate they only know how to play with toys and can play with our hearts. But literally believe me her words influenced me so much that I can't stop myself from accepting the proposal. Yeah! We both sooner connected in relation of love. I daily prepared myself for her and waited in street for her appearance. I believed on her more than I had believe on myself. I sent her gifts on every sacred occasion. In no time, I felt my heart had warmly feeling for her and can't bear her absence. So I decided to talk to her about marriage. Because It was 2 year relation and many more things we knew about each other. I felt the condition has do and die game. I couldn't live without her. I talked to her many times. She always taking the advantage of my innocent told me lie and make lame excuses. One day I was so depressed and decided to talk to her father. When I talked to her father, a new Pandora box open. Her Father responded me She likes to her Cuzn and not you. These words broke my heart into pieces. Blood was flowing in my tears and I felt like whole sky suddenly fall upon me. How it could be??How was it possible?. I love her and I sacrificed everything for her. I sacrificed my parents willing and my time for her. She had no real face and she was playing with me. I control my body that was shaking like some sort of cold air currents strike my body making its temperature negative. My mind lost the ability of thinking. I was not able to punctuate what is happening around me. I suddenly hit by a car or van as I was senseless that moments, and darkness covered my vision. This was last scene I had in my eyes during road crossing. After that when I opened my eyes, first words that I raised were;"Marukh! Where are you? I can't live without you. Please came here and see my condition without you?". I in hurry picked up the mobile phone of my sister that was in my room and decided call her. Because I had a thought she can't device me. Her Father is telling the lie. When She picked my call, I was speaking non-stop and describe the condition. Marukh! I am in hospital. Please came here. I need you". She replied:"Go to hell. I love to my cuzn. I was just playing with you". After these words again I was in the valley of darkness and my parents were feeling they had lost their son. As doctor informed them about my condition and fast heart beat. After about one month complete bed, I opened my eyes and doctors informed me you were on bed from one month. Congrats you should thank to God. My parents and my siblings all were happy to see my concious condition and I was talking after one month. I hug to my mother and was crying. Mom! She decieved me. She said Go to hell. Mom! I love her. Mom! I was ready to Sacrifice you for her. Mam! She played with me. My mother had same feeling anf tears like me. Everyone there was feeling the same pain that I had. I decided to talk a new start of life and would forget all the memories about her. After one year loss of my education carrier. I again tried to control and recovered the loss in my education. One day I was reading a Matriculation book and I found that flower she used to propose me once. Again This flower hurt me and my condition was again that was before. I tried to sucide and want to Good-bye this cruel world as everyone can manipulate you. But due to my luck, when I cut my wrist veins my mother noticed this. And saved me before my all blood flow outside of my body. This time my whole Family was against me. And every one was in constant aggression. I knew and felt sorry as I hurt them all for non-sense things. After this tragedy when I got remember from her side. I hide myself and cut on my body with bleed so that all feelings of her vanished with pain. Last time I tried this.

I forgave her what she did with me. Might be it was great reward of this deed. I don't know. I always say thanks to God for what She has provided me. Now I have a girlfriend who proposed me with flowers. Believe me, I am so broken I can't accept her. I can't accept more flowers. I can't hurt my heart with bleed to forget someone. She always aks me for her reply. And I always I responded your my friend I can't lose you. And I can't feel for you. Dear Readers! What you advise me?. Should I accept her proposal?.

I always replied her with Marukh rememberance,"Don't Love me I hate you".Just I want to save her. I can't put someone in hell that I felt some days ago. I prayed to God for every lover that Her whole life and every second of her life would be with the person who deserves.


You can also participate in this writing prompt like other members @jane, @Pantera and @meitanteikudo .

Here are some mechanics you have to followed.

  • Write about cheating.

  • There should be minimum 600 words.

  • You have to mentioned ma'am Jonica.

  • Published here and enjoye.

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Written by   45
11 months ago
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It is only you who can decide if you accept her proposal or not. Look for signs that the new girl did indeed love you and not hate you. And best of all, pray. And please don't ever attempt to do another suicide. You will just be hurting the people who love you, especially your Mom.

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11 months ago

Dear I am too much panic inside. I can't go for another suicide attempt. So I can't accept it.

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11 months ago