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Bitcoin Cash as a Lightning Torch in the Dark World

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1 month ago

After a couple of busy days, I was not able to write a single article yet. But I was active here and on noise cash as well. Again happy by #Writing Prompt Darkness that was started by ma'am @JonicaBradley, who Is an active and generous lady here. Mechanics mentioned by her are given below.

For this week's writing prompt #4: darkness, I want you to think of all the things that entrapped us in darkness.

Let's focus on the things we share rather than the things that separate us from each other.

The rules are as follows:

  • Write anything about darkness.

  • Write 100% original content

  • Write at least 600 words.

  • Tag me @JonicaBradley

Let us take the start of my article, I hope you will like it. After reading my article you will be able to learn:

  • Why History is Mystery?

  • True Sense of Darkness

  • How we can recover our Society from Darkness?

  • BCH is Light-torch in this dark World.

Why History is Mystery?

If we go back to our past, then we will find a cruel man and more precisely cruel world. It was because they have no Divine knowledge of humanity. They tease their human fellow and even kill them for non-sense things or tasks. If we turn the golden pages of History, we see that our ancestors killed many human fellows just for, " Why his human fellow give water to his animals before him from the well? Even they buried their daughters as a bad-omen into the earth. They fought the war against each other that was on non-sense topics. They were in darkness ignorant of what is the true sense of humanity" . They play and enjoy the game of blood. Everywhere blood stream is flowing and humanity was in red bath.

What is Darkness?

Darkness is a state when a man is ignorant of what is happening on his side. There is no deficiency of Knowledge. But his mind is not ready to accept it.

Take the example of our childhood life. When we are born we are ignorant of every feeling. And we start to learn what is the mother? Who is the mother? Why am I in this world? .Of course, we were in a dark period of our life. Now we know every millimeter changed into a centimeter, even I am 23 years old now.

I am a believer in Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) who remover the curtain of darkness with Allah's message. After His preach people started to love each other. And I shall say, people accepted his message through the blessing of Allah. On every page, you will find him and his kind deeds for humanity. For me, He(SAW)was the only source of Allah who gives the concept of Humanity in the right way. We should respect each religion and follow principles of peace and equality.

How can we recover our society from darkness

This is I shall say a tough task but it is not impossible. Why it is tough? Because many people will be against you. Even when I write my previous article that was a true letter for everyone, many here and in many regions were against and threatened me. I am not afraid of them. I believe in the truth that is all for me. You can know the truth I mentioned here,"".

We need the following four tools to remove the darkness with Divine light.

  • Knowledge

  • Truth

  • Equality

  • Justice

  • Love

If you study the history pages you can probe every developed country was in the shade of darkness before but after following the above principles their pilar raised to such a height, now many countries follow them. Everyone here who is reading s article must watch the following video for you Guys. Literally you would learn true sense of humanity after removing curtain of darkness. You will learn how kind and beauthe the tiful world is after removingthe curtain of darkness.

BCH is Light Torch in this Dark world

Many readers here, by watching these words would expect I am bragging. No! No! I am not bragging I already mention I believe in the truth. BCH has the following truths everyone should accept.

  • True Bitcoin

  • Money for everyone

  • BTC introduced a new transaction policy but BCH is 100 times still faster and better than BCH.

  • Low transaction fee

  • Money with freedom

  • Money without censorship

  • Thousands of blockchain

  • Better blockchain than Blockstream

  • Leading Money

  • 24 hour ATM

  • After Venezuela El Salvador accept its mark its value

  • High potential growth sooner would lead the whole world.

After deeply observing these features and many others I am so keen to say that the BCH torch is light in this dark world. So don't ignore it.


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Written by   42
1 month ago
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