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Nayib Bukele seeks Presidential re-election....illegally?

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3 months ago

President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, announces he will be seeking re-election after his current term is over. 



I'm announcing to the Salvadoran people that I've decided to run as a candidate for president of the republicNayib Bukele, President of El Salvador


Nayib Bukele announced on Thursday, September 15th, that he would be seeking another term as President....despite it technically being against the El Salvador Constitution to do so. 

However, after a lengthy legal battle in the El Salvadorian courts, that included the replacing of Judges and Justices, it was finally ruled, in September of 2021, that a second term was permissible for Nayib Bukele. 

I have not been able to determine if the ruling was for all future Presidents or just the current one, Nayib Bukele.

Nayib Bukele's current Presidential term ends in 2024. 


Developed countries have re-election, and thanks to the new configuration of the democratic institution of our country, now El Salvador will too.Nayib Bukele


Obviously, this is great news to hear for the crypto world and Bitcoin Maximalists, as Nayib Bukele has been a Champion of Bitcoin for his country, and a beacon of Crypto Adoption for the rest of the world. 



This decline in democracy damages the bilateral relationship between the United States and El Salvador, and the relationship that we've had for decades and want to maintainJean Manes, United States of America Diplomat


Democracy in El Salvador is on the edge of the abyssJose Miguel Vivanco, executive director of the Americas division of Human Rights Watch


I find these quote and the statements made by these American and other Foreign officials to be quite hypocritical.

It is ridiculous to claim Democracy is under attack, when many countries around the world have re-election.

The USA allows for Presidents to serve 2 terms, yet we are chastising other countries for following suit, and then calling them to be authoritarian moves. 


However, I also realize I am extremely ignorant to a lot of problems that other countries are experiencing. 

A quick google search shows that there are many in El Salvador who are not happy with the current administration and his moves. 


At the end of the day, the USA, other countries, and even myself have no right to be sticking their nose in El Salvador's business.

We should be letting them handle their own business and determine the course of their own country. 


Just some thoughts....comment and discuss if you want!


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Written by   16
3 months ago
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It could be a place to keep an eye on

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3 months ago


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3 months ago

Great post, interesting topic. All of south America is very interesting to keep an eye on at the moment I feel. Both from a geopolitical standpoint and from a crypto one.

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3 months ago

I've heard that Paraguay and Venezuela might be the next countries to make crypto legal tender... 👀

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3 months ago

Need to look into that some more =)

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3 months ago