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Wondering why plagiarists do what they do...

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4 months ago

Plagiarism, as we know, is copying the works of others and claiming those to be ours. There are various reasons why people do this act. But those reasons are not excuses to go on with our illegal activity. I wonder why they have to plagiarize when they can just write what they can.

Recently, I saw articles about plagiarism. Some users here are actually capitalizing on the articles of others. They simply copy articles of others from similar platforms, edit a few words then publish those here. The bitter part is that they get credit for something they did not write.

That's stealing!

I thought that, those who can write have still doubts with their skills. But these plagiarists, they have the guts to copy others' and earn from those articles!

I got irritated a while back while going over the profile of the user whom @Pantera has named to be a plagiarist (read here: Another day, Another plagiarist). Here's a screenshot of what I saw in the comments.

One could deduce that this user 'chrishoffman' copies articles of others and even fearlessly claim those to be his. Look at his reply to @edicted , "There may be some similarities in the internet world, this is perfectly normal. Thanks."

But how similar could those be!

Anyway, his account seems to be on spam now.

He doesn't seem to get the quip by edicted! My God! Maybe because he is an anonymous user?

I hope that we all be on the lookout of similar users who don't stop doing their activities. What if one day, the platform will just shut down because of them?

This is just a short post, y'all! As I have said, I will just be here around, reading.

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Written by   14
4 months ago
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How sad to think about people profiting from others's works. It's rrally annoying just thinking about it. They don't have any conscience in them. What a pity!

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4 months ago