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Trimester Finally Over! Takeaways...

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5 months ago
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Note on lead image: Only trimester is over, no graduation yet! haha!

The semester is finally over! I can't believe that I was able to make it to the end despite my nonstop whines and complaints! I complained a lot and there was that tinge of regret I felt every so often for ever deciding to enroll when all I wanted to do was write my life away. Even so, I was able to pass all my requirements and I will just wait to see how I did during the semester...

I tell you, it wasn't an easy ride. I had to attend to my students, to my children and hubby. On top of all those, I have my passion in writing that I do more often than anything else. There were times I felt displeased with myself for being lazy for the past years. I should have learned more about Mathematics, now I'm lagging behind. Anyhow, I believe I still did satisfactory well and I could say I learned so much during the term.

Now I wish to share to you all the lessons I learned during the course of my first semester in graduate school.

Take note that I have no intention of giving any lecture. I am just sharing my experiences and realizations.

Significant Learnings During the Semester

Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis

I think it was in the second module that we were already being required to pass a micropaper. Meaning that, aside from researching for literatures from journals, we also have to be very particular with the format of our references. In any paper, we have to think logically and make sure that our insights are aligned with what we are supporting. I always struggled before with essay writing or composition, or just anything which requires you to create a paragraph or so, string of words or whatever. If only today were years ago, I would've stopped studying just because of those. I had the notion before that I only could do well with numbers but there I was wrong. Understanding is key and whether we're dealing with numbers or words, for as long as we had the understanding and the goal for what we are doing then we will be able to accomplish what we're tasked to do.

Thankfully, after so much self-doubt I did my research, asked help from one of my classmates before, complied with the instructions and sent my pdf file to my professor. I was surprised to receive positive feedback! From then on, my confidence have been boosted and every time we were required to pass something, I always looked forward for the essay types! What a great milestone for me.

You may be thinking that I am writing here and I'm still dreading essays. Well, I think that when I write for pleasure, it feels very much different from when I write in the academic setting. Now, I don't feel pressured anymore with essays. Thankfully!

The next requirements were approached with excitement and eagerness to venture in the challenges that those requirements brought. I was able to submit everything on time.

Statistical Theory

Calculus have been my favorite subject and that Statistics was my least. Or so I thought. After the introduction and series of video lectures from my pogi Statistics professor, I came to appreciate what I failed to see before! Voila, I could apply my seemingly inapplicable knowledge in calculus to compute areas below curves of functions in Statistics. Since then, I awakened yet again my desire to learn more and study more in Mathematics. And mind you, these subjects are very much usable in the crypto world.

At the moment, I say that my knowledge in these areas are very much elementary as compared to the real deal. We had many problem sets, and though I admit that some were very very hard for me, I could say I've always been in a high while studying and doing them. Fortunately, some had passing scores or even with full mark. I also had two sets which obtained below half of the total scores. We can't brag ahead and all there is to it is continuous studying whether in the formal setting or otherwise. But I am advising myself against self study as I won't be forced to do what needs to be done. I hope my will to study will persist so I will continually enroll in formal settings.

So there, those that I failed to understand before are finally being illuminated with the help of passionate educators. I myself is a teacher and I know I have a role to play for the youth.

Advanced Calculus

At the onset of this course, we were already being called for recitation. We were to submit lecture videos, powerpoint presentations, and problem sets. It was a given that I love the subject, so I just enjoyed solving and discussing. Fortunately, there were 3 new topics for me. As it has always been for me, they were exciting and interesting to study.

Requirements' Woes and Examination Stress

Much as I wanted to run away from requirements, I can't because firstly, I am studying with the support of our school's scholarship program. I thought that I was lucky I had the opportunity for the 'free' studies. Although there will be return service with ratio one year to one year but still at least I didn't have to get money out of my pocket. I did but very minimal amount.

As for the examinations, it still felt like I was a collegian. I became nervous every time but the feeling was coupled by anticipation. I was grateful that I was able to do well in the midterm exams. Not to brag but even though I'm lazy and messed up, I still managed to study and read every single note or watch every single lecture video that our professors upload or give us. Still waiting to see my performance during the finals. But anyway, what is more important at this point is to be able to finish until graduation. The concluded trimester was just my beginning term and I shouldn't be too complacent not until I finished my degree.

Closing Thoughts

The trimester is over but the journey has just started. One milestone reached and I should feel proud I made it to the end of the trimester. The life of a student is hard but also enjoyable and full of lessons and experiences. I hope that I will never forget how my professors helped me realize the many things that I failed to see before. Truly I am grateful. But most of all, I thank Him that He lent me the things that I have always been asking for.

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Written by   14
5 months ago
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