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BCH went back and stayed with the whitepaper!

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5 months ago
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Forgive me but I can only understand simple language! Upon searching here and there about the origin of BCH, what became clear to me is the desire of the proposer of bitcoin to use the cryptocurrency for easier and faster transactions between one party to another and vice versa, without the need for third parties.

If whitepaper is an informational document issued to promote or highlight the features of a solution, product, or service that it offers or plans to offer, then it means that BCH we have now is the realization of Satoshi's.

This article will be a waste if I make it more complicated than BTC is to small time people like me, charging unbelievable rates and making someone wait forever before transactions are finished. Not that we are to cash out to fiat every single sat that we mine. Don't get me wrong on this. Therefore I will just bring to my expected readers why I believe in BCH.

I am writing this to my friends, my siblings, and few virtual acquaintances, and to anybody else who is interested and who loves BCH. At the same time I am challenging everybody who benefitted from the advantages of BCH to come forward and testify.

Have you ever wondered why Marc De Mesel is doing all the tipping and funding? I personally believe that he so wanted to tell the world what needs to be told even sacrificing his fortunes if not only fraction of it. Because of his demonstrations I am convinced that BCH is real and for the people who desire decentralization.

Honestly I got irritated and annoyed when others talked about crypto. Not because I'm jealous but because I'm lazy and impatient.

Then I realized that if we are given the basics to be able to research and understand, why not do it with all we have? After all, we want change for the better.

The realization struck me when I saw the passion with the founder of this community I am submitting this article to (CryptoMax). If he can do it, why not the rest of us? Thanks to his campaign, I was encouraged to join the Bitcoin Cash Hub (0cd1) community.

Let me just insert the essence of Mathematics. Sometimes, we hate others meddling with our business that all we wanted is encryption of our private lives. In here we have the proof-of-work or also known as zero knowledge proof.

A quick example is, let us say somebody stole something. You and your colleague are too timid to tell each other that you maybe suspecting the same person. Suppose you wish to make it a point that nothing will be revealed to anybody. One suggestion is to use any app that uses passwords. One among you will change it into the name of your suspect and the other one logs in. You will know you have the same suspect if the log in is successful. You have to agree of course on some things like, the first letter is capitalized and in case the suspect has two names that you will only use the first.

Now the wonderful works of programmers will be put to use in order to make sure that encryption is ensured. In simple terms, transactions are private.

I will declare here my support for decentralization. Go on and believe those CBDC's and the cycle which we so wanted to break will go on! The decision is yours. Take it or leave it and go back to square 1.

Conclusion: Let us promote BCH which went back and stayed with the white paper! Let us secure our keys and be responsible citizens of the digital age.

P.S.: I am soliciting for genuine comments which may further our understanding of cryptocurrencies. As for me, I am still digging into documents, articles, and anything which may lead me to a holistic understanding of things. I believe BCH is not a fad and should be embraced by many.

'Cheers' to more quality articles.

P.S.2: The lead image is just a simple figurative illustration of what I wish to convey.

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Written by   14
5 months ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash, Life, Blog, Writing, Crypto, ...
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That's right, BCH was the real Bitcoin in the white paper, but BTC maxis can't accept it. :)

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5 months ago

Quite so. Hoping for brighter days.

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5 months ago