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The New Beginning

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2 months ago

In this article, I will share my experiences as a trainee, once again and my professional goal.

I have started my new journey to this new company after resigning. I haven't taken any break as my bill will piled up if I do so. This new work I found is a permanent work at home setup, which what I really wanted. in addition to that, the offer is more competitive than my previous job. I also felt that they valued the well-being of their employees when they moved our training due to the typhoon that passed recently.

First Day

This is our New Hire Orientation. As expected I am more focused during the payroll talk than the other topics. Since it is virtual, I was able to do a lot of things, all I did was to put the meeting on speaker, since my participation was not really necessary. I was able to do my bed, fold my dresses and a lot more. We were able to meet the trainers and other representatives from different department.

Second Day

This is the start of the real training. We were already assigned to our respective trainers. We setup or tools which took all day to finalized everyone's credentials. After that, for no more than 30 minutes, we did our meet and greet to our wave mates. Funny since we are 40 trainees in total, so I doubt that I'll be able to know them before the training ends. Given that the training will only be for a month.

Third Day

This day at least, started the real discussion about the account that we were assigned to. We've done group activities as well. It was my first time doing a virtual presentation, so I kind of tried to find the gist of the feeling. I got close to my teammates as they were all participative and very approachable. We shared a lot of topic which was out of the discussion. The other team opened their camera, I just can't. Good thing that I am not the only one who opposed on doing so, all of us did.

Fourth Day

This was our last day since our supposed first day was cancelled because of the storm. Our trainer made us watched a 3 hours video. She informed us to count the number of "yeses" in the whole video. I'm not kidding when I tell you that the main cast of the video ALWAYS answers with a "Yes". Like "How was your day?" "Yes". We also learned that the best way to end an awkward conversation is to simply say "yes". After that, she made us regroup and assigned a specific roleplay. Our group was assigned to do a K-Drama play. I am not a good artist at all! It turned out chaotic and fun at the same time.


Our trainer is a pretty girl and a typical "babaeng bakla". So the training turned out fun because of her sided comments. She also allotted longer break times, which I love the most. HAHA! I also learned that we will be her last batch of training. We didn't pry on the reasons. My co-trainees are all engaged and very humble. That's why I felt confident participating in the discussion without the fear of being judged.


I did a crowdsourcing, were I have asked the person who referred us about the career growth in the company. She mentioned that most trainers were only employed for almost a year. They also started as an agent to their way up. It motivates me to pursue my dream on becoming a trainer, in God's good grace. That's why I am exerting extra efforts in the account. Hopefully, I'll perform well, to get referral from my soon to be team manager.

Author's Note

I applied for a part time job. Nowdays have been really hard in terms of financial and I need to work extra to keep up with the bills. It is a virtual job and it will be paid hourly. Training will start third week of October, so I still have time to relax. Guess Mr. Right will need to wait more since I will be stuck at home for a while.

Today is my rest day and I will bring Moshi to her brother. What's your plan today? Are you looking for a job that is permanent work at home? This is the company that will work for you!

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Written by   356
2 months ago
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I love how your new workplace values its employee's wellbeing. It is not easy thinking about work while also worrying about the typhoon. So, kudos to them! Also, it is really true that it is always fun to be with a "babaeng bakla" type of person. HAHAHAHA! I wish you all the best in your new workplace! :>

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2 months ago