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2 years ago

Did you ever get to the point where you ask yourself if you want to go back to the past and just stay there?

In my case, I did. I always wish to go back to the good old days where I can still smile genuinely and enjoy the life that is free from responsibilities. If I have known that growing older means having more responsibilities and won't be able to enjoy life, I will choose to stay being a kid- but sadly I can't and never will.

The past year as I faced the new phase of my life, from being a child to a teenager and reach the early adulthood. I've been into so much lately, more responsibilities, more problems, trials and heartaches wherein all I can do is wish that I can go back to the days where I worry nothing but play games. Where I only cry when my mother scold at me.

But now everything is different, it took me how many weeks that turned into months to finally accept the life I had now. I've realized that looking back from the past, those moments we have while we are enjoying the life of being a children we should treasure it but it doesn't mean we should stay and be haunted by it. Instead, we use it as an inspiration as we go through the hardship tomorrows has to us. Yes, we will desperately wish to go back but seeing things won't go on our way if it isn't for us. God put us in this situation because He knows it's the best for us. God made me experiencing things that He knows, will help me in the future He planned for me, the future He prepared for me.

He knows what's the best for His people so never question Him.

The only thing is we can't immediately accept what He had given to us because that's not what we ask from Him, we asked for a different things but He had given us the opposite- because my friend I am telling this to you know-- He will never put you in a situation wherein you can't overcome it, He will never give you the things that will only make you harm- If he had given you things you didn't ask for, He was just making sure you are in the right way towards Him. If He made you feel the pain and heartbreaks He is making you stronger to face what's beyond tomorrow.

If you are still into wishing, it's normal. I am too, but sometimes I only reminisce those times and smiled at it like I'm telling myself that someday I will be able to let it go and make new memories with my new environment. It's hard, I know but the good thing is we can learn a lot from it, we can regulate ourselves and decide to be better and be stronger to face those possible things that may occur. It may get lonely sometimes but always put in your mind that there's one person who will never leave you and that is- HIM our GOD.

Realization will hit you after you experience certain things. There will be a lot of bumps on the road but I promise and can guarantee that you are not alone, He will be with you. Never close your mind to understand and be patient on everything, your time will come and if it is your turn, it would be grand and probably the best day of your life. So after all those things, you can be at ease that you are able to come this far while carrying those memories and lesson in your back, those will guide you to your way until you reach your destination, with the person who never leaved you- Him.


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2 years ago