The type of person you should not trust

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Thursday:9 June 2022

Have you ever trusted someone you shouldn't have trusted or maybe you were betrayed by someone close to you. Maybe there are also people who make you disappointed or make you regret because you never thought to trust them?


The foundation of all healthy relationships is trust or mutual trust. We all need to be able to trust the people around us if we are to have a successful relationship with them. After all, trust is the reason why we can share our problems with others, tell people how we really feel, and ask for their help and support.

Without trust, there can be no communication, respect, honesty or emotional connection. And if these things don't exist, then it's only a matter of time before the relationship we started will fall apart.

The following are the types of people you should be careful to believe in them.

1. People who like to spread secrets

If you have a friend who likes to gossip, do they keep talking about other people behind their backs or spreading gossip just for fun? If so, then you have to be more careful with them, because they might talk about your disgrace behind your back to other people.

With that, they have no guilt with spreading the secret to others. Even if you think of them as friends and they swear to you not to tell anyone, never trust them.

Usually they are also very good at creating unnecessary drama just for fun, they don't really care about who they hurt or insult, as long as it makes for an interesting story.

2. People who talk badly about other people

Yep, actually for the second type this is the same as people who like to gossip. Those who talk badly about other people, you can't trust either. They say that someone is their friend, but when the other person upsets them, they will talk bad about you just to let out all the frustration that is hidden inside them. So, never make the mistake of putting your trust in someone who is always badmouthing other people.

3. People who lack self-awareness

Someone who has a self-conscious nature tends to be indifferent, insensitive, and selfish. They are so busy thinking about themselves that they fail to see how their words and actions affect those around them. Then they also cannot be held responsible for their own actions, because what they care about is themselves.

4. People who lack empathy

Empathy is defined as the ability to understand the people around us and build a humorous relationship with them. So when someone is unable to empathize and puts themselves in the shoes of another, they are more likely to betray you just to get what they want.

5. People who can't make decisions

People who can't make their own decisions you also can't trust because they are the type of people who are clumsy and hesitant to do something or keep something. They themselves really don't know what they're going for, so you can't really trust them to keep their word.

For example, if they will cancel the appointment at a time that is approaching the day of the agreement or stay away from you and do something more fun and interesting that comes at the same time as the promise he made.

6. People who can't take the answer "no"

If you've ever come across someone who has a hard time understanding that doesn't mean no, then you have to be careful. People like this tend to be stubborn, but they can also be very cunning.

They will try to manipulate you into agreeing with them or doing what they want, so never be fooled by them, because they may seem nice, but they are only acting like this because they want something from you. So when you tell them "no" then don't be surprised if they immediately change their attitude towards you which was good will turn into bad.

7. People who act differently around other people

Usually this type of person in acting when with you and when with other people will be different. We can call it a two-faced person, usually this person will always act differently from what is said to one person to another. Because, by showing this behavior, their kindness is just fake and they don't really care about you.

So if you have a problem or a secret that you tell a friend, don't ever tell it to the type of person described above, because they will definitely tell your secret to others.

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As far as I know, a secret means that it doesn't need to be told to other people, meaning that only we know. Lol but good bro, at least to remind us. thanks..

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haha yeah, you know what that means

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