The benefits of cucumbers and how to grow them?

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Thursday 2 June 2022

Cucumber is a fruit that is very often sought after by people because it is rich in benefits. Usually people usually serve it as a complement to food or for fresh vegetables or it can also be used for facial skin therapy.

Cucumber itself is a plant from Cucurbitaceae which is rich in benefits. This fruit has diuretic properties, cooling effect and can also be a cleanser or skin care.

Cucumber itself is a type of fruit that is very easy to grow without having to have special skills for those who want to plant.

And here's how to grow cucumbers

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1. Looking for the right land

Like plants in general, you have to look for soil that is fertile, or you can also add organic fertilizer to the soil so that the soil is more fertile and the cucumber plants can grow well.

2. Always try to be exposed to the sun

Cucumber plants really like warm temperatures and direct sunlight and you don't need to water too much for them either. Because if you water this plant with too much water it's actually not good and might make your cucumber plant wither.

3. Prevents cucumber from turning yellow

If the color of the cucumber turns yellow, it means that the pollination is not perfect. All we have to do is move the pollen between the flowers, you can use a soft bristle brush to move it.

Another factor that causes cucumbers to turn yellow is usually because they are too ripe and left too long. So we have to check it often and harvest the ripe ones first so they don't turn yellow.

That's how to grow cucumbers, it's very easy and simple, you just need perseverance to take good care of it so that it produces good fruit too.

Then what are the benefits of cucumber for us?

1. Can control blood sugar

The best benefits for our health from cucumber fruit is that it can control blood sugar and people who have a history of diabetes can also eat cucumbers to lower their blood sugar.

Or you can also make it into cucumber juice, it can also increase a special hormone that is needed by pancreatic cells to produce insulin.

2. Fight cancer

Cucumber fruit also contains lignans, which can fight cancer or reduce the risk of cancer in the body. Of course this is very beneficial for someone who has cancer such as prostate cancer, uterine cancer and others.

3. Lowering cholesterol and blood pressure

Cucumbers also contain 'sterols' which can lower your cholesterol. In addition, cucumbers also contain lots of magnesium, potassium and fiber which can control your blood pressure. So if you have high blood pressure you should quickly eat cucumber.

4. Helps overcome skin irritation with acne

Cucumber is also very good for those of you who have acne-prone and irritated skin. How to use it you can mix cucumber water with the face mask ingredients that you will use.

For acne-prone skin, you can make cucumber juice to help dilute essential oils such as tea tree to lighten acne. Or you can also apply cucumber water to the part of your skin that has acne.

5. Can prevent premature aging

The extraordinary advantages and benefits of cucumber are that it can prevent premature aging, this is because cucumbers have vitamins C, K and B, and contain cafeic acid which is an anti-oxidant. So if used for your facial skin, it can remove wrinkles on your face.

So that's the way or step to grow cucumbers and the benefits contained in cucumbers. Cucumber fruit is very easy to grow and very rich in benefits. You can try it in your garden if you want to feel the benefits.

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I grew up seeing cucumber waste and only feed on it by animals but it turns out differently now after people have come to realize the benefits of eating it. That is why knowledge about foods are very important. Even now is can't eat my rice without slices on cucumber 🥒 on it.

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1 year ago

ohh that's good friend, I also like to eat cucumber because I myself have high blood, so it can minimize my high blood

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1 year ago