Is breakfast important?

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Date: 13 August 2022

Breakfast is often a problem for office workers in big cities. The influence of a hectic morning routine to thinking about ways to go to work makes breakfast forgotten. In fact, according to some nutritionists, eating in the morning is considered the most important meal for the body. Breakfast can also help a person's performance in carrying out daily tasks effectively. When you wake up, your blood sugar is usually low.

In fact, this is what makes your muscles and brain work well. With breakfast, your body can get the energy it needs to operate optimally. Without breakfast, the body will feel weak. Not only that, with breakfast, a person's mood can be much better than people who don't eat in the morning.

Doing breakfast is just a matter of routine. You just need the intention to keep doing this. Well, if you are still not sure about eating food in the morning, there are several reasons you should pay attention to in the article below.


1. Restore lost energy

Have you ever wondered why breakfast has an English breakfast? That's because breakfast is indirectly iftar after a night because we only spend the night sleeping and so don't eat anything for a few hours.

During sleep, our body still uses fuel to maintain its function. As a result, our blood sugar levels and glucose reserves are lower in the morning.

Drinking a glass of milk for breakfast is a great way to restore energy in the body. And people who do that every day have a much better body condition than those who don't eat anything.

2. Increase brain productivity

On average, the human brain consumes 20 percent of the body's energy supply, mainly by utilizing glucose in the blood. One way to keep our brains productive in the morning is to eat breakfast.

By eating food in the morning, the body will have the nutrients needed by the brain. Consumption of glucose in the morning will make our brain productive and help you continue to concentrate on anything at work.

In addition, nutritious food in the morning will also keep you alert for something that will disturb, such as sleepiness. However, there is one caveat that must be considered before breakfast, namely overeating can make the body overdo the digestive process. This will make you frequent the toilet. So, eat in sufficient portions as needed.

3. Maintain weight

Consuming food for the morning is often associated with a more proportional body weight. In addition, by eating in the morning, people will have a lower risk of being overweight and obese than those who eat a lot of food during the day.

Breakfast can increase the body's response to overeating during the day and prevent snacking. Those who eat in the morning are also known to be more active, which means they burn more calories.

4. Increase energy for activities

Stomach hunger is one of the negatives of not having breakfast in the morning. These problems are not the only bad effect of not eating breakfast, but there are many more.

Without breakfast, you will only have energy during the day – and that's when you eat lunch. Forgetting to eat breakfast can make you feel unmotivated to go through the day. When you don't have breakfast, your metabolism will decrease and you can feel weak.

Breakfast is important to support daily activities, such as work. In addition to having an impact on health, breakfast also has an impact on productivity and mood.

Well, because of the many benefits of breakfast, it is clear that it is very important and indeed we should make it a habit to have breakfast in the morning to start the day with enthusiasm and full of energy.

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