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Wild cats become pets

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4 months ago
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May 10, 2020

When I first started having a cat, this striped cat always came to my house to just ask me to eat.

At first he was afraid of me but I always gave him food every time he came to me, it was always routine for 6 months coming every afternoon.

At that time he was about 3 weeks old so he was really very small, I also don't know why he lived alone looking for his own food, even though the 3 week old cat must still be with its mother.

And he already lives alone, so I always give him food every day, and eventually he starts to want to come closer to me and want me to hold him.

It was really very sweet when he was really spoiled when I held him, but he still wouldn't come into the house even though I had invited him, and after about 5 months he started to dare to come in when I gave him food.

The reason why make a pet

I think there is nothing wrong when a cute animal comes to us, maybe we are someone who has been chosen by God to take care of the animal.

So when this cat came to me so I made it as my pet and became a friend at home so I wouldn't be lonely.

Happy 6 months approached me and in the end he really wanted to stay and enter the house, besides that I also like his very thick fur, I think he is a cross between a Persian cat and a domestic cat.

So that it produces a large kitten and thick fur, and after growing up he started to go out and look for a girlfriend he finally found his girlfriend after 1 year old.

1 year is a reasonable age for a cat to have a partner, so if it is 1 year old then we can match cats with others.

First kitten

After having a cat girlfriend I got pregnant and for 2 months I took care of him and took care of him, giving him food and milk to keep him healthy and growing.

After 2 months of her pregnancy she gave birth to 4 very cute kittens, there are two twins and one is black, and the last one is black and white, which I hold Sekar.

But unfortunately after the birth of my kittens die one by one, every 3 days they die and I can't prevent this because I really can't do anything.

Fortunately, there are still survivors and are grown now, which I gave the name Kitty, she was the only one left of the 4 kittens that were born.

Source from myself

Second kitten

After the first kitten was about 1 month old my cat finally started to get pregnant again and by that time I had learned what I had to do to prevent my kitten from dying again.

And this time my cat gave birth to 5 cute kittens, 2 striped 1 gray yellow and one gray white, unfortunately even though I tried, one kitten still died.

But I can't do anything, I've given my best, maybe indeed I can only keep 4 kittens and now they have grown up and are about 2 months old, and the first one is about 6 months old.

Maybe that's just the story of my life when I found a new pet so now I'm not lonely and have friends at home.

Thank you for reading and looking forward to the next article.

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Written by   53
4 months ago
Topics: Noise.Cash, Journey,, Love, Cat, ...
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Now, not only wild cats but also felines can be domesticated. For example; Lions, Tigers etc. But these species are coming to an end because of us.

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4 months ago

So we must continue to care for and love pets or all animals.😊

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4 months ago