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Target to replace smartphone from BCH.

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1 month ago
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In the past few months my smartphone is not as good as when I first owned it, its performance has decreased because I often run out of power and often get stuck in place.

I often experience this even every time I open and it always happens, although not once but this is quite annoying for me to do things on the phone.

So I hope this year I can sell the smartphone that I use and buy a new one so that the performance can be maximized.

When I started my career as an article writer or short post since a year ago, I have earned quite a lot of BCH in my life.

But I use it for my daily needs and buy something for me to use, I use a lot and I buy it from the results of making articles and short posts.

It really inspires me in this regard and I recommend it to some of my friends but not all of them can follow in my footsteps here.

They think more about shortcuts, that's why they think it's easy, but I've warned you that adapting is quite difficult, you have to give your best.

Because of that some of them left this because they didn't see that this was a good opportunity.

But what they don't know is, they have wasted something big here, they don't know that here is helping a lot of people and making some of them successful.

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Everything starts from the bottom, there is nothing that you start from above, we must try to do something good so that whatever we want can be achieved perfectly.

Not with shortcuts or cheating because it's not good for you, live what you should live, because in essence I also started from scratch.

I started completely from scratch and without any cheats, I've had some bad things but I'm fixing it so I can keep working.

Being successful is a good thing, but before that we must strive to achieve success and strive for it.

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Here I am also trying to improve the quality of existing articles and short posts so that everyone can enjoy them.

Not only me, but everyone must do this so that what is written can be conveyed properly to all readers.


Apart from improving the quality of writing everyone sacrifices their time to be here, thinking hard about writing so often spends hours writing.

That's why all jobs are not easy, you have to be patient, persevering and trying to do something.

This is so that the results obtained can be in accordance with our wishes.


Here there are no fees that we have to pay, everything is free, the most important thing is that we are aware of ourselves in various ways if we get something good results.

But we can do anything and we can share because the true goodness of a person is always in him to share with each other.

I intend to set aside 1 of my BCH for an orphanage in my area at least I can help for the needs of those in need.

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The last thing that is most awaited in a person's life is success, without hard work there will be no success.

So everyone knows that success will come to someone who strives hard at work, in doing something always with great ambition and desire.

Nothing is impossible if something is done seriously, and just like I want to replace my smartphone this year.

I did it not because I felt that I had a lot of money that always wanted to replace a smartphone, but because it was a situation that forced me to change a smartphone.

Not without reason, firstly the battery has started to drain, secondly the performance is not good, my third smartphone has been plunged so that the smartphone camera is no longer as good as in the beginning.

And some of the shortcomings of this smartphone that I use, that's the reason I want to replace my current smartphone, good luck in replacing my smartphone.

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Written by   58
1 month ago
Topics: Future, Sadness, With BCH, Earn, Alone, ...
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I think you really need to buy a new smartphone so that your hustling and grinding will not be affected anymore. You know, you deserved to have a new one. I like that you plan to give something for the orphanage. That's a good cause!

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1 month ago

But for now I can't buy a new smartphone, so I will still collect 1 BCH for the orphanage.😇

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1 month ago