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Have responsibility at work

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4 months ago
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In this case we can become someone who is active if we can do things consistently at work, especially in some problems that occur that make our performance decrease as employees/employees. How could that happen to us?

Many factors that can reduce our performance are caused by too many bad habits, especially when working in the office using a laptop, of course this becomes a pretty bad habit when every day you have to stare at the laptop screen.

There are many ways for us to maintain quality and performance at work, but if we choose the wrong work pattern it can cause eye damage and decreased performance.

A small example from myself.

This is me right now to be honest before I looked at the smartphone screen a lot my eyes were still very normal and didn't have any problems.

And that has changed since I got to know and, actually this is not the fault of the site but rather the fault of myself who makes too many mistakes every day.

There are some bad behaviors that I do every day that make my eyes become minus. Of course this is self-defeating because my behavior is not exemplary.

Bad habits that are self-defeating.

  • First look at the screen of your smartphone/laptop every time you wake up/open your eyes

  • It often gives a smartphone full light.

  • Have less sleep.

  • Staring at the smartphone/laptop screen for more than 5 hours continuously.

In the 4 points above, it has become a bad habit for yourself without thinking about the risks, indeed this does not directly affect you but this will happen when you do it continuously without prevention.

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Staring at the smartphone/laptop screen when opening your eyes.

Credit by pixabay

Although this is rarely done by some people but I'm sure many do this out of necessity or other things that require us to stare at the smartphone screen when we wake up.

Of course this is a bad effect for eye health, why is that? Because basically the eyes are a sensitive part of the body especially when we sleep and suddenly opening the eyes immediately gives a bright light to the eyes that will harm the eyes and make the eyes minus.

Credit by pixabay

Have less sleep.

In this case, doing so can make your body less enthusiastic and always feel tired when doing any work even when your work is only in front of the laptop screen it will make you tired easily.

This can have a bad impact on your health, not only that your body will also get sick easily and get tired easily because your body doesn't get enough rest.

  • To avoid this you must have adequate rest at least 8 hours for a day.

So some of the discussions above have early prevention so that you don't feel the effects of this bad habit in the future, it's a good thing if you take precautions early so that you stay in good health and don't get sick easily.

What needs to be done to prevent it all is actually very simple, namely.

Don't stare at the smartphone/laptop screen directly when you wake up, at least give your eyes a period of time to adapt to the lighting, because if you do it continuously it will make your eyes minus.

Do not give full or excessive light to the smartphone/laptop screen because if it is done continuously it will make your eyes tired easily.

Having enough sleep will make your body healthier and fresher, it won't make your body tired easily.

Reduce staring at the screen smartphone / laptop for hours in a row, if your work is important at least stop every 2 hours to rest the eyes. At least 5 to 10 minutes so that your eyes do not get tired easily.

Maybe this is all I can give to prevent your eyes from getting minus and your body getting tired quickly, because this is not just research but this is an incident to me personally.

So I hope you can take good things from what I have said because basically prevention is better than cure, stay healthy, do regular exercise and don't be lazy to use anti-radiation glasses as prevention of minus eyes and tired eyes.

Hopefully useful, thank you and look forward to the next article..

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Written by   75
4 months ago
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