Arrange time to go out with girlfriend.

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1 year ago

Since yesterday I was not active in writing because I was very busy on noiseApp, but today I started writing again so that I can still write articles.

What I want to discuss is my schedule to meet my girlfriend in a few weeks because I have to raise money to just ask my girlfriend to meet.

There are already a few schedules that I can do later when I'm with my girlfriend, so here are some of the schedules I'll be spending with my girlfriend.

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Working on articles and posts on noiseApp while thinking about something.

Every day and every time I always think I have to decide what to do so when my girlfriend invites me to meet I will arrange whatever schedule he wants to do.

Actually, there are many things you can do when you are with your partner, but I don't because so that our meetings can be organized and directed.

Starting to discuss about the meeting, what schedule we set, and where to go after the meeting, I always do that so that later it can run on time and can go home on time.

So there are some things I will do when I'm with my girlfriend later.

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Watching movies

Since meeting my current girlfriend, I've become more than happy to take my girlfriend to the cinema because in several decades it's the first time I've seen a movie.

That's why I became very happy the first time I saw the cinema, especially when I spent time with my girlfriend, it was even more memorable.

But not every week I watch a movie because my girlfriend also has her own business and has to follow what her says.

I can watch a movie in theaters in 2 weeks or 3 weeks for one viewing, so not every Sunday, just watching good movies.

And next week I will watch a new movie that is "BLACK ADAM" in that film there is an actor that I really admire so I will watch it with my girlfriend later.

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Have lunch

After watching a movie at the cinema, my partner had already decided on a place to have lunch, because at the cinema we only bought popcorn.

So it's not a heavy meal that can be filling, and my partner wants to eat somewhere that is enough for, not only that my partner also said that there are many choices of food.

So no need to be afraid of confusion in choosing food, everything you like there is definitely available and complete.

My partner actually wants to invite a friend for a double date, but her friend is always busy and it's hard to set a meeting time.

So if there is an opportunity to meet later, it is confirmed that you will meet at a place to eat that has been determined together.

Spending time together.

After watching a movie at 15:30 and then heading to a place to eat, I immediately spent time with my partner to treat my longing for her.

We don't see each other every week, so we see each other infrequently enough that the longing can build up like something that easily grows in no time.

I actually want to go to the park to kill time, but in the park can't bring food or snacks so will just walk in beautiful places.


So that's the thing that has been determined later and will go according to schedule, because my girlfriend can't come home late.

At 21:00 I had to be at home, because it was her father's rule so I couldn't refuse so that my girlfriend wouldn't be angry with her parents.

Maybe this is all I can give for this article, if you like it then press the like button, and if you don't want to miss my next article, press the subscribe button.

I'm Yudi Sutiraa, thank you.

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1 year ago


Well done my friend, that is a formula that some people forget "spend time with thier love ones".. It good too hear that you enjoy you both on your date..

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1 year ago

I really salute those guys who work hard for their girlfriend or wife, the effort is really evident which means they are willing to sacrifice for their woman, and that symbolizes great love.

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1 year ago

That's a good plan that you have, spending time with your love one is really good plan for your girlfriend, she will be happy for sure.

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1 year ago