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App that converts BCH to local currency

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1 month ago

In this case I have several applications that make it easy for me to convert BCH to my local currency easily, but I will never to save money there.

I only aim to convert and withdraw BCH into local currency because in my country I still can't use BCH to transact.

But in some places or restaurants already have payments using BCH and that's quite interesting for me, apart from not needing to change in local currency I can also directly.

So here's the app I use when it comes to converting BCH to local currency.


In this case, the LUNO application is very helpful for me in transacting, but the LUNO application is the most important in playing a role.

Why is that because the LUNO application can store BCH, XRP, BTC, and others, but I only use BCH to store digital currency.

I don't know if in other countries there is this LUNO application, it's clear that the LUNO application can already be used in several countries.

Why do I trust the LUNO application because this application has been around since 02 November 2014 and still stands in the way of making it easy for one to trade in digital currencies.

Converting BCH into local currency is one of its uses, and the main thing about the LUNO app is to trade crypto.


The OVO application is one of the applications that I also use to accept BCH conversions into local currency because the OVO application is quite important.

Besides being able to put money in digital form, this OVO application has similarities with BCH which is not in physical form.

Only digital and more flexible, but in this OVO application what I use is only for transactions in paying for grabs, or shopping on the Lazada or Shopee applications.

After I changed BCH to local currency, I immediately sent it to the OVO application and this was quite effective in terms of converting digital currency.

ATM Independent

So here is the BANK application that I said before that I never used to save money in it.

Besides being charged every month in terms of keeping my ATM card, I also incur a local currency withdrawal fee of around 1$.

This is every transaction, not measured by the size of the local currency that we withdraw, even for 7$ withdrawals we will still pay 1$.

So I can only receive 6$ from the withdrawal, that's what I don't like, this is a BANK application that makes it easy but takes a very big profit.

So how can I convert BCH into local currency, of course from two applications, namely LUNO and a standalone application.

If I want to withdraw BCH into local currency into the OVO application then I also have to use the LUNO application.

That's why the LUNO application is the Main application in terms of converting BCH to local currency and we can also trade BCH there.


This is also one of the most widely used applications by many people, besides the convenience of the INDODAX application or site for crypto trading.

INDODAX is always issuing new coins so we can trade from scratch and will benefit from the new coins that will be released.

Converting BCH to local currency can also be done at INDODAX and I'm sure INDODAX has gone global because there are so many coins that have been established.

One of them is, BCH, BTC, XRP, and many others, as far as I know there are many types of coins and there are already about 100 different coins.

Actually there are many applications to convert BCH into local currency, but what I believe and I think is easier is the application I mentioned.

The four applications above

If you are interested and there is support in your country, maybe you can try one of the applications I mentioned above.

But I believe among the four apps above there are only two that are available in some countries.

Because two of these applications are specific to Indonesia and only for use in Indonesia.

But two of them can definitely be used like LUNO and INDODAX because they were created to trade digital currency or BCH.

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Written by   58
1 month ago
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Here we have It's still one of the best choices.

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1 month ago

Great article brother. I hope that these can help our fellow indonesians...

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1 month ago

I don't know if anyone from Indonesia reads it too, but thanks dear.😊

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1 month ago

Here at Philippines, we have when it comes converting our bch into local currency. We use and here. But you can used alone and there more paymaya. They also accepting crypto in it's new feature. 😊 Nice article. Maybe if we have an Indonesian member here this article will help him/her. 😊

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1 month ago

There are here mom, but they don't follow me, at least I share what is here that I use.😁

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1 month ago