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When There Are Too Many Choice

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1 month ago

Some people are born with broad interests. Whatever he likes. Nothing specific. There's not much he doesn't like either. Others are born with very specific interests. That's all. He no longer wanted to see anything else. That's all.

Being born with broad interests or not having a problem with anything, can sometimes lead us to confusion. We don't know what we really want. We're not sure where to go. What do we want to achieve. There are so many options out there but none that really catches our eye. Everything looks the same to us. Stuck in a situation like this, what can we do?

In my opinion, just choose one. After all, we won't have a problem with any of our choices. Mediocre. Indeed, later when we live whatever we choose, we will not be as enthusiastic as people who have specific interests and are living their choices. Who really know what they want. What is certain is that they will persevere or never give up when they fail on their way. However, people with broad interests have an advantage over those with specific interests. People with broad interests, can change direction at any time without any problems. Fail here, try there. Fail again, try another one. One thing that would be difficult for people with specific interests to do.

What people with broad interests need to remember is that the path to success is not like the path of a person driving down the highway. There's a path. Clear. directed. However, the path of success is more like a captain who is sailing his ship in the wide ocean. The ocean of choice that we can choose anytime and anywhere we want. There are times when a big wave of obstacles washes us away from other choices.

It doesn't matter. Just follow. In the ocean, we are free to sail anywhere. We are free to dock at any pier. Although different from our initial destination pier. Like Columbus who arrived on the American continent which was not at all the original destination he sailed. But that's where we can find interesting things that we never even imagined before.

Failing once or twice does not mean we have to immediately change direction. We have to keep evaluating ourselves. What is wrong. What we haven't done. Remember the goals we want to achieve in the choices we are currently living will continue to motivate us when facing difficult periods. Goals set by ourselves. Not by someone else.

There are lots of choices out there. Infinite. And sadly, we can't choose all of them. Choose one of them as a first step. run. And don't be afraid to change direction if you feel it's time to change. Success is not just one way. There is not only one path and destination. Success can mean a lot. It could be anything. Depending on where the ship that brought us anchored. A place where interesting things are.

For me now, if it's like that then I'll just sleep...LoL

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Written by   12
1 month ago
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