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The Importance of Calming Yourself When Conditions Are Difficult

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In life, there are times when we are faced with difficult times, which make the mind confused and the heart so restless. Even though it's humane, don't let this situation drag on.

For that, so that we don't get caught up in feeling anxious and at the same time find the right solution, we need to know how to calm ourselves down effectively. So, how? Check out the following review to find the answer.

Everyone must have been in difficult times that made it difficult for him to think clearly and filled with feelings of anxiety and restlessness. The causes also vary, ranging from trivial and unexpected things such as not being confident in appearance, traffic jams on the road, to serious problems such as work, household, family, romantic relationships, to economic crushes.

Even though it's not a stressful situation, it's important for everyone to know how to control themselves when conditions are difficult or unfriendly. The reason is that if the feeling that is not wearing before is allowed to linger, it can cause chronic stress, which in turn can have a direct impact on a person's physical and mental health.

In principle, stress levels in each person can be different. What makes you stressed, may not necessarily cause stress to other people. The reason is, it depends on how someone sees something that can cause stress, and how they deal with it. One thing is for sure, prolonged stress is definitely not good, because it can be detrimental to the overall health of the body.

If we are in a difficult situation that makes us feel restless and do not know where to go, the following ways to calm down can be followed.

Divert Your Mind

One part of an unstable emotional state is an irrational or unreasonable mind, which often leads to negative things. If you experience this, then the best way to calm yourself down is to try to divert your thoughts to more positive things.

For example, by channeling a hobby that you like or getting out of your comfort zone and daring to try new activities that you have never done before. When the negative thoughts come again, try to think long about the impact that will be caused if you do things that are out of your control. Either it will threaten your future, or someone else's future.

Relax Body

When your mind is confused and you are feeling uneasy, then one of the best ways to calm yourself down is to take a hot shower or bath. Warm water can make your body more relaxed and fresh. A study published in the International Journal of Stress Management revealed that warm water promotes relaxation by suppressing levels of stress hormones.

Not only that, bathing or bathing under a warm shower with stable pressure is also effective in helping to relax stiff and tense muscles, while helping facilitate blood circulation. For those of you who have trouble sleeping because of insomnia or have certain sleep disorders, soaking in warm water before bed can also make you calmer and sleep better. While taking a warm bath, you can also light aromatherapy candles accompanied by soft music.

Aromatherapy such as lavender, chamomile, ylang are proven to help reduce stress levels and make the body more relaxed. Your mind will become clearer and calmer afterwards.


The next way to calm yourself when you're nervous is worth trying by applying deep breathing techniques. Deep breathing techniques can help you control emotional feelings that are not wearing you down, so your body doesn't overreact, which makes you even more depressed. When feelings of anxiety and anger hit, step aside for a moment and find a quiet place to slowly catch your breath. Then position your body in the most comfortable position for you.

You can sit cross-legged or stretched out, or stand up. Then, breathe normally as usual and place one hand on your upper chest and the other on your upper abdomen. Next, slowly inhale through your nose, allowing your chest and lower abdomen to expand to their maximum capacity, until you feel your hands rising as well.

Hold your breath for a few seconds, then exhale slowly through slightly parted lips (as if to whistle). As you exhale, you should also feel your hand slowly coming down. Do this breathing technique several times, or until your condition improves.

If done with the right technique, deep breathing is very effective in helping to deal with stress and anxiety. Therefore, it is important to practice deep breathing every day so that you can feel optimal benefits whenever you are in difficult times.

Telling a Trusted Person

The feelings of anxiety and stress that you are facing can also be eased by sharing stories with those you trust, such as family, partners, friends, to the closest relatives. By telling stories, you can freely express the worries and frustrations that you are feeling. Not only reducing the burden on your mind, telling stories to people you trust can also provide good benefits for physical health.

This is because stress that is buried for a long time and is not shared with other people can cause feelings of anger that are getting worse. As a result, these conditions can lead to depression which in turn triggers the emergence of chronic diseases, such as heart disease. Although it's good to tell other people, you should also pay attention to a few things before starting to share stories. Don't let your story burden your family, partner, or even the relatives you talk to.


The final way to calm yourself is to meditate. Meditation itself is not just sitting still, but you also practice putting aside negative thoughts that trigger stress. That's why meditation is often used as a solution to generate positive emotions. The meditation process itself is not as complicated as one might think. You don't need to go to remote areas to find peace, because meditation can be done wherever and whenever you want. Apart from that, meditation can also be done without special equipment and preparation.

To start meditating, you just need to take the position that is most comfortable for you. Then, inhale slowly again and again. As you continue to breathe, focus your mind on each breath. Feel consciously that you are breathing. Also combine it with saying positive sentences or giving thanks to God Almighty. If you want, you can also play music with a calming rhythm so that the meditation process you are doing runs more optimally.

To get optimal results, do meditation regularly, either in the morning before starting the activity or in the afternoon after doing the activity. While the duration you can adjust to your needs and how you can adjust your own focus.

As mentioned earlier, there are many things that can trigger stress, from the trivial to the severe. The problem of body odor is one example of a stressor that is often underestimated, but for some people, it is actually a major factor in their stress.

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